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  1. Yes - and that was the reason NJ spent 3 seasons working with him on his shot, because they told him he couldn't be a pass-first player and his shot needed to improve for him to really be able to use it consistently. But - they didn't know what to do with him. Is Jagr finished? I have no idea. If he's finished, he lost it really fast.
  2. I doubt Jagr will retire if his contract option doesn't automatically renew, but he may not stay in NY. I'm sure the Rangers may try to keep him, but they have gotten used to the idea that they are only paying him half the salary and aren't taking the full cap hit and I doubt they will ante up what he would want. Even if he continues to have a sub-par year and they try a bonus-heavy one-year deal (he is over 35), I doubt he'd see that as a plus. He won't play anywhere else in the NHL, but he would go back to Europe. Didn't he want to stay in Omsk after the lockout was over and only returne
  3. OK, my problem with Gomez wasn't that he left - I expected him to leave (when he stops saying anything about wanting to stay 1 1/2-2 months before July 1, you know he's gone), it was his right to leave and if he found someone stupid enough to pay him that much money, hey, take it and run (skate) as fast as you can. I don't even mind that he went to a team I hate. Not really my business. What I don't like is that at the press conference announcing his signing, he stood there smiled and nodded in complete agreement while Renney stated that NJ hadn't known how to use Gomez, NY would know how t
  4. RD, it would be one thing if the name were the only thing she got wrong. It appears that she misquoted them, made things up, left key issues out or simply changed things to tailor the story to what she wanted to say. I understand, that's also her job. She's a reporter, she may have been told to write it from a certain angle or, hey she just may have decided that's how she wanted to represent it. But, either she missed a lot or she wrote it a certain way for a reason. You're a journalist, what do you think?
  5. It really depends on whether Lou believes this team (with all the players back, healthy) can do better than it has been doing. I suspect he's going to be more upset by the lack of effort in some of the games than the actual record. But, in speaking to the players, why is that happening? Is it because they just don't care, or because they are out there in their 14th line combination in the last 2 weeks and they just can't figure it out anymore? I don't know. As a fan, you expect them to be professionals and try their best no matter who they are out there with. But, I also remember what it
  6. I'm a little late with this, I was at Maserati all day. I don't like the fact that they lost to the Rangers (I never like losing to the Rangers) but I really don't like the fact that the team appeared to lose interest and stop skating after the first 5 minutes and didn't re-surface and try again until the last 10-11 minutes of the game, when it was too late. I've said it before. It's not so much that they lose (even to the Rangers), it's when they don't try. Because we know they aren't a great team. About 3 players bothered to try for all of their shifts. It wasn't even a case of players t
  7. I'm glad for Blackhawks' fans after all these years. First, that the team is decent again, and that some of the home games are available on TV.
  8. We had several years of Scott Niedermayer because of Eric Lindros. Lou traded Tom Kurvers to Toronto for a 1st rounder, they wanted to make it the 1990 pick, he insisted on the 1991 pick. He thought they might just be bad enough to finish dead last the next year and he was aiming for Lindros. This was before the draft lottery system. The Leafs finished with the 3rd worst record and NJ picked Niedermayer. All in all, it wasn't too bad. In a choice between Lindros the player and Clarke the GM, I'd take Lindros the player any day. I'm not sure about a choice between Lindros the player and C
  9. The thing is, the team deserved to be yelled at for this game. They didn't try. The problem is, Sutter tends to yell at them when they do try and things simply don't go well, or they are overmatched. I'm not talking about losing to the Rangers in the shootout, yes, he understood that was going to happen and handled it well. But otherwise he simply doesn't seem to realize that the team is average at best or worse. I said earlier that I don't think it would be the worst thing in the world if they wound up with a lottery pick, given the state of the farm system. But it will be a very bad thi
  10. OK, now I had this vision of Weekes in drag...and it was not something I needed.
  11. I thought it was that the league wanted to limit the type of merchandise that could be sold via the web, to make most things more "branded" and similar across teams and the Rangers wanted to keep certain things available. Or maybe it is both. I do think that, actually, both sides have a point. The NHL is trying to introduce something that has worked extremely well for the NFL and it is hoping to cut costs (and improve the overall profit picture) while it does it. The problem from the Rangers' point of view is that the NHL has removed some things that actually were good revenue generators an
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