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    Avery's Mouth

    Is this the Brodeur version of the "I can't hear Jeremy because I have my Stanley Cup Rings blocking my ears?"
  2. SueNJ97

    Avery's Mouth

    Derek, Clarkson said something about Avery because he was asked about him. He didn't offer it up. And, near as I can tell, he didn't say Avery didn't belong in the NHL and, he apparently had offered to go with Avery and Avery refused. Look, I said, in that thread, Avery is doing his job and that if the Rangers didn't feel him giving interviews like this were doing him some good they would shut him up. But, it's my impression that about the only thing that would make you happy is if Clarkson had allowed Avery to goad him into a penalty, then exploded to reporters afterwards. Or, was he sup
  3. SueNJ97

    An Observation

    I have been less concerned about Elias actually scoring goals right now because, let's face it, his M.O. has almost always been to start slow and heat up sometime in December. I was never clear on how signing the big contract was going to change this. However, I did want to see the rest of his game come around and it seems it has. I would like to see them settle on some lines once Langs comes back and stick with them - I think this will do more to help things than anything else.
  4. I expected the Gomez goal to be the story - even if NJ had won the shootout. About Pando and starting to score, he always used to (jokingly) blame Madden. He said that when BU played against Michigan his senior year, Madden figured out how to shut him down, and that Maddog's been preventing him from scoring (unintentionally) ever since.
  5. I would say the Devils dealt with Avery better than the board is handling his comments. I actually used the Avery/C. Lemieux comparison before, but I did bring up these two contrasts (which people have mentioned already): 1. Avery isn't just hanging on as a player (whatever fans of teams other than the Rangers may think of him he's not on the bubble due to his playing skills - what got him traded before was his attitude). But he isn't Claude. He just isn't. Claude scored over 30 or more goals 4 times and ovber 40 goals once. He also had 4 seasons where he scored more than 25 goals. He al
  6. Oh, no. If they were going to do the expected that year, they could have stayed in their draft slot and taken the hot goalie, Trevor Kidd, that Calgary traded up (w/NJ) to get. And I'm very glad they didn't do that. Look, I may be grumbling that he hasn't been great to start this year (although there was nothing wrong with his play last night, if the team had manged to score at all, he gave them a chance to win), but I'm not about to complain about the last 13 years (not counting the lockout). I just want the Marty I remember to show up, regularly, fairly soon.
  7. Did anyone ever play a complete game in them??? Or was that not an actual test???
  8. Actually, he had said for months he was going to free agency and for at least a month to a month and a half before the UFA period started, he had stopped even saying he was considering NJ in public. Most players who want to stay in NJ make the effort to say it. There was no loyalty involved and we all knew it. I take some responsibility for this thread, it popped up right after I mentioned his comments in another one. And I said there, I wasn't actually annoyed with him until these comments. I agree, Jagr is a superstar. But it isn't like he played with trash before and he didn't exactly
  9. They didn't the last time I went to the recycling station, or at least I didn't see them. They completely gutted and re-did the end of the strip mall where the Cost Cutters about 2 years ago so they may have been taken out then. Or maybe moved somewhere else.
  10. SueNJ97

    Rangers (teehee)

    I know. I don't like this at all. Especially the 3 posts they hit. With the way NJ's defense has been playing and since Marty has been giving up 4 goals every 20 shots or so, if the Rangers get 35-40 shots the way they have the last two games, it could actually get ugly. Lundqvist had his stinker 3 games ago in Atlanta. Don't look for another one.
  11. They actually don't have bins anywhere near me and even if they did, I have a lot of stuff. Also, since they request that you clean everything, it seems kind of odd to clean it (including taking some of the dresses, sweaters and jackets to the dry cleaners) and then put it out in a bin. But I am getting rid of a fair amount of clothing, the medication I was on caused weight gain of an average of about 8 pounds a year so I have clothes in different sizes since I was on it for about 13 years. You can imagine the range of sizes I went through. I went from a size 6 and eventually got up into t
  12. As many of you know, a few years ago I lost over 80 pounds when I switched from an anti-convulsant that caused weight gain to one that had the wondrous side-effect of weight loss. Almost 13 years of weight gain went away in about a year and a half, and has stayed off for over two years now. I have given away some of my old clothes to the Dress for Success program and also gave some of them to a friend who needed them. Some can and should be turned into rags, some are only a little too big and can be sized down and made more in-style at the same time and I can keep those. However, I have som
  13. SueNJ97

    POD: My last rant.

    I will say this, I just don't know what he wants. Yes, people go overboard. But I really thought we were still allowed to actually talk about what was actually going on with the team. And right now, it doesn't look all that great. It's interesting, but the actual hockey we are watching isn't exactly well-executed. Maybe that's what you get when you switch systems and deliberately go younger/less experienced, especially on defense. Because that's what they've done. Yes, maybe people do over-react. Maybe we are spoiled. For example, I don't think having a bad year would be the worst thin
  14. I wasn't particularly concerned by the fact that he didn't stop the Kapanen shot. Although Chico's blatent goalie-ism or homer-ism (it was either one in this case) can be wearing, he was right. When the shot starts a foot and a half higher than it ends, generally, it winds up in the net. My only thought, and it did cross my mind, was that Biron was so on last night that he probably would have stopped it. He was stopping everything else. Then again, maybe it only seemed that may because NJ kept putting almost everything into his chest. I understand that Marty is having a cold start. I'm n
  15. This team and its current style/capabilities reminds me of the 1992-1993 NJ team that was coached by Herb Brooks. Brooks never cared much about defense and, quite frankly, his teams never won a thing in the NHL. The difference between this team and that team is that the 1992-1993 team had Stevens/Daneyko/Driver etc on defense and they just needed someone to come in and get them to actually play a system. Remember that the 1993-1994 team actually scored as well as kept the goals down. I'm not saying that Sutter's approach will be wrong, maybe it's what is needed with this team in the 'new' N
  16. I noticed there was someone other than Brooks writing the Ranger column today as well. Doubt they've both been canned, but both of them do cover other sports, it wouldn't surprise me if they have both been sent to cover other things temporarily. Maybe NEverson won't return?
  17. The only thing I can tell you is that everyone I have ever met from Southern California who moved out here went back. Northern California seems to be different, they are somewhat more likely to adapt. But of those people I knew well, about 25 of of them, every one of them went back to SoCal. They hated the weather, especially the winters, they thought people were unfriendly and uptight and you had to travel too far to get to both the beach and the mountains and, I am not kidding, we didn't have real beaches and a real ocean. They said the water wasn't warm enough and the waves weren't big
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