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  1. I wouldnt trade Severson. But the Lighting will never do that
  2. He is getting better, he needs to stay with Greene though
  3. This is a little harsh. He made one mistake to one of the top players in the league. Other than that he has been playing pretty good hockey.
  4. I am looking for the ticket stub from Elias 1000 point game. Looking for the stub to be in good shape. please message me
  5. I think that Lou should give Colorado a call and work something out
  6. Good things happen when you shoot
  7. That is the thing, he doesnt care what we think
  8. I could be wrong. But don't if they put Clowe on the LTIR it doesnt count to the cap? via Pronger with the Flyers
  9. Yeah, I figured it was worth a post though
  10. http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2014/12/is_paul_maclean_the_new_devils_coach.html
  11. When people pay thousands of dollars for season tickets and they put this crap on the ice... I would boo too
  12. I would have a bad attitude playing for a team is that completely trying to tank
  13. fsu1852

    Any Truth?

    James Mirtle @mirtle Players are paid in rubles over there, so they've lost roughly 35% of the value of their contracts already. This threatens KHL in a big way.
  14. fsu1852

    Any Truth?

    Yeah I figured the chances are slim. Figured it was worth a discussion
  15. fsu1852

    Any Truth?

    I came across this on a different forum and was wondering anything truth about this. "Read online that Russia's economic woes are effecting the KHL and that many teams are ceasing operations and that possibly many high caliber players may be on their way back to the NHL. You guys probably know where I'm heading with this, but if Kovy wants to come back, how would you feel? I'd be kind of bitter but it would nice to have a superstar back"
  16. I personally hate the new song but I am not asking for RR part 2 to come back. I thought the last song was just fine honestly..With the Food topic, its arena food I am not expecting top notice food. I also want to thank you for taking your time and doing this
  17. I think they need to move Clowe on the long term IR or consider retiring. If that happens it frees up about 4 million in cap space which can help with a trade.
  18. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/is-it-time-for-nj-devils-to-fire-peter-deboer-172927329.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter Thought this was a decent article
  19. fsu1852

    The Positives

    Coaching staff suck. Zubrus doesn't belong on a NHL roster
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