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  1. Looking for 4 tickets for the game against the Redwings
  2. Good teams do not collapse the way they did last night.. Coaching changes need to be made
  3. Well the team has been playing without him
  4. You think if we buy a billboard fire Deboer it will work? lol
  5. Cory needs a rest this is just getting bad
  6. Up for sale is Game Used Kovy Stick that is also signed by him. If your interested please DM, I am also looking for best offer Thanks
  7. Yeah I went, I acutally got a away flames jersey. A lot of people I talk too got a Thashers or Washington jersey
  8. Got a Andy Greene 10-11 white set 2, dont think its too bad for a first jersey
  9. Devils are probably offering him 5 years
  10. Yeah I agree I think Vrbata is coming to New Jersey
  11. Its not sexy but he could be the face of a franchise and attract other players, just playing devils adocate
  12. Don't expect anything big, I just dont see it happening
  13. I hope they make a trade but I doubt it
  14. Devils can not trade their first so lame rumor
  15. any one have any luck with the grab a bag thing?
  16. Never been to this, is it worth it?
  17. Every team needs emotions and Cam brings that. Is he the best player no but he plays and gets everyone pumped
  18. Nah, just means he can take a lower salary if he is in the AHL
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