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  1. I would like Matt Moulson but I doubt it will happen
  2. I know a lot of us would accept Kovy back, the big question is... Will the locker room accept it?
  3. For sale: Autograph MLB Baseball signed by Jorge, it comes JSA looking to get 150 obo PM for Pictures
  4. Darren Dreger ‏@DarrenDreger 6m Told Martin Brodeur has submitted a list to Lou Lamoriello of the teams he's willing to waive his NTC to go to. (8-9 teams) Darren Dreger ‏@DarrenDreger 6m ...Brodeur is obviously interested in a change and is waiting for the Devils gm to pull the trigger. Another great deadline day story.
  5. I understand they have no autority but if your going to cry about like a teenage girl, I wouldnt have posted sorry
  6. I just posted to show it was floating around on twitter, no harm done
  7. RumorBreak ‏@RumorBreak Feb 25 Jagr will ONLY be traded if the Devils ARE NOT playoff bound, look for them to trade for Gaborik/Moulson. i know its not a legit source
  8. A lot of rumors are going around that we are in the mix for Gaborik
  9. Yeah, their roster is just too talented. But I do believe their goalie is overrated that is their weakness
  10. I was wondering if anyone is selling their tickets for Friday nights game? Thanks
  11. dont count one because they didnt show up, but all I am saying is that if you make to the playoffs anything can happen even if your team is decent like the Devils
  12. The sharks will make it to the playoffs and lose first round. They always do, its teams that get hot at the right time
  13. thank god you're not the GM, my god. who gives up when your a point out? you would be fired so fast
  14. I agree, why would you sell if your in the running for a playoff sport.
  15. No goalie was saving that, just a good play
  16. I am looking for 4 tickets for Saturdays game, if your selling please DM me Thanks
  17. Goalies really fear Ryder's shot
  18. I guess 690 goals means you're not a scorer.....
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