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  1. Did you really just say that?
  2. No goal scorer on the team beside Jagr
  3. I been saying it, this owner will get rid of Lou
  4. What is Lou going to do because we don't go crap to trade
  5. This team is trash. straight trash
  6. Both goalies are letting up weak goals
  7. Your going to think I am nuts but if this team does not get back on its feet, Lou better watch out because this owner will clean house. He has done twice in Philly
  8. Callahan is out... Broken thumb
  9. yeah that song is a good pump up song before a game. I voted for Fluxland by XL
  10. Hey we can be the Rags look at that loss
  11. I like the the Lighting goal song that's just me
  12. I bet you that you did the chant too, if you say didn't your a lair because everybody does it in the arena
  13. I will agree though cheering this song being down by 3 goals is dumb. But if its close or winning I am all for it
  14. The players knew it was because of the song. They were laughing about it, they were talking about it after the game signing autographs.
  15. dude you need to calm down its a game, the fans were not booing at the team, they want the old song back. I guess you never been to a big time D1 football game because its a lot worse
  16. I love how people are saying the season is over haha its one game calm down
  17. I am looking for a Red (home) Devils Jersey with name plate Blank. If you are selling one please contact me Thanks
  18. eBay has some good prices and there are a couple of people selling blank Jerseys on here, so you can hold off until you want somebody. Thats why I like blank Jerseys
  19. Sports Minded Unlimited in Warren NJ, Great store btw
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