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  1. because I am very interest in the kovy stick
  2. Agreed, If your going to post something at least get back to them
  3. how good is the goalie they got from the trade?
  4. Ok Thanks, I just interest in the stick because of Gomez
  5. Well good luck!! I just got pictures and pucks signed by zach and I was happy. He most be lucky to have you lol
  6. hope your looking to spend big bucks lol
  7. Is the kovy jersey pressed on or stitched? and how many times has it been worn? Thanks
  8. Just to let you know I am in the market for sticks if your selling any let me know Thanks
  9. Not a bad deal right there, Fayne is a upcoming star
  10. Quick Question on the Pandolfo stick, Is his name written on the tape?
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