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  1. Kevin KurzVerified account‏@KKurzCSN #SJSharks 3rd round pick this season belongs to NJ as compensation for DeBoer. Originally, it was thought NJ would not pursue compensation
  2. Blocked a shot against the Rangers. Is out for tonight
  3. ARIZ is receiving a first-rounder, a second-rounder and a conditional pick that can become a second. MIN is all-in WOW
  4. Renaud Lavoie‏@renlavoietva 2m2 minutes ago Well, I'm told now Penguins are in the running for Martin Hanzal. Plenty of teams interested. Lots of action right now. #tvasports Things are heating up. Should be interesting
  5. You're right it is fake news. But he is not playing
  6. Ben Bishop has been traded to the #LAKings
  7. Hard to say that given McLeod is 19 and just put up 7 points his last game
  8. I think there is two factors being played in KS mind. 1-I believe he wants to be closer to home. It seems to be a trend in the NHL. 2-I think he saw what Burns was just paid and wants something in that range.
  9. Would love to have him on the team but we're giving up too much. I rather take my chances on getting him in FA He just turned down a 7 year, $42M extension as well
  10. Best thing I heard all night. So funny
  11. I feel like he is a train wreck waiting to happen. Its a shame because he is so talented
  12. fsu1852


    I rather eat some of Cammy's contract
  13. fsu1852


    I dont see him being traded unless we take some of that contract back.
  14. fsu1852


    I heard that his daughter was like really sick.
  15. At least we got something for him. I dont ever see Loov playing in the NHL.
  16. This has nothing to do with Hynes. He just isnt a good player. Rather have a younger more talented player playing
  17. I think Vegas would go after Zajac if he wasnt protected. I also agree I wouldnt protect Cammy.
  18. I think there will be a lot of trades this offseason with Vegas and the Cap # not moving much
  19. 10 draft picks this year. Looking good
  20. I like the move by Hynes. Sends a message and he responded well.
  21. Only caught some of the game. But Merrill looked pretty good. Correct me if I'm wrong
  22. TSN is reporting that the Flyers are a team looking to a dump a player because of the cap. The name that has been tossed around is Mark Streit. He is on the last year of his deal. I wouldn't mind the Devils getting him and a draft pick. Might as well get more draft picks
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