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  1. I just dont see Shattenkirk coming here. I think they should go after one of the Ducks d-players
  2. I dont blame him. Guy is on a bad team year after year. Losing gets old quick
  3. I know people are going to bash me and idc. I say trade him. This team isnt winning any time soon. Might as well get something out of him while you can
  4. The last two games are fools gold
  5. I stop paying. Not going to spend that kind of money to watch dog crap on the ice. Every night its 3 or more goals against us
  6. They can probably get Schlemko back for pretty cheap. Doesnt play much in SJ
  7. I just don't understand how nobody has been fired
  8. Team has just been to hard to watch. Defense has been terrible
  9. Idk whats wrong with Cory but he needs to get it together. It was bad seeing those soft goals like that
  10. When you have a 3 top 9 FWs out you expect this to happen. Im not shocked at all. They should get Cammy and Palms back for Wed.
  11. They need to find players on this roster that can keep up with him. Zajac simply just can not. Zacha did a good job with him and Rico can as well. I think once they can find a line thats good with Hall, we'll be looking good. We also need some support from Cammy, Rico and couple others.
  12. Safe to say Hall is worth it right now. I do like Zacha being with him too
  13. Change in the lu for tonight Hall- Henrique-Palms Cammy-Zajac-Speers Bennett-Zacha-PA Kalinin-Fiddler-DSP
  14. Hall-Henrique-Palmieri Cammalleri-Zacha-Parenteau Boucher-Zajac-Bennett Kalinin-Fiddler-DSP I like this line up. I think that Moore needs to sit as well.
  15. To get talent you have to give up talent. If you think about it, if it wasnt for Hall scoring two goals we would be 0-3-1 and you would be complaining we have no offense
  16. I agree and disagree. Larsson was good here no question about it and our D has some ? marks. But its not like they're letting up 4-5 goals a game. I also have a bunch of friends that are Oiler fans and they do not like Larsson. To be fair Marchands shot was a hell of a shot and just gotta tip your hat too
  17. I think Cammy is still hurt or just decreasing as a player very quickly
  18. My fault, didn't see it discussed. If he were to agree to terms, make the deal
  19. Am I the only one that disagrees with this trade. Unless he agrees to a contract, I will not trade for him.
  20. I wouldnt mind a 5 year deal. Maybe 5 years 5 per
  21. Love the trade. I also have a gut feeling that Shero is not done yet
  22. Darren Dreger Good info @NHL_AaronWard. Det will push to move the contract. Jurco, Pulkkinen...a 2nd as bait? Stamkos big target After reading this. Would guys take on Datsyuk's contract for this return?
  23. I heard a lot of rumors that the Oilers wanna move from the 4th pick. If you wanna get in the top 5, thats the team to do it with.
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