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    I am on a women's ice hockey team, I am also a RN, EMT, Firefighter.
  1. Ok, I just asked Zach, he says it's "Pah-ree-zee". An alternate pronounciation is also "Pah-ree-say" which is probably french. Hope this clears it up for everyone.
  2. I wouldn't be so sure about that... With all the injuries going around lately the guys seem to have a hard time keeping the focus.... I would love to move on to round two but the flyers are hungry this year! We'll see what happens...
  3. LOL, It's 4:30am and I just got home from work. I work in an emergency room, and I had a patient tonight who was also a devils fan...she came in wearing a devils sweatshirt I showed her the devils sticker on my ID badge and she told me she'd be at the game on the 9th. . LOL... Seems like it's gonna be a full house for daneyko!!!!!! He deserves it, what a great guy-Got to meet him only once but he's really awesome. Welp.. time for me to get to bed Just wanted to share..!
  4. Oh don't worry; I'm still here!!! Thank you for all the welcomes. I didn't get scared off-- No one has PM'd me! Frustrated at tonight's game. The boys took way too many penalties. Oh well. I'm also frustrated that I dont get the Metro channel here. I have to miss too many games because of that.. Anyone going to Daneyko night? At the DFC meeting when they announced it, they said they won't retire his number ("The devils don't do that--If you retire a number, you'll never see it again") Just honor him in "a special way"........hmmm. Alright, enough for tonight. Stay safe:)
  5. Hello out there My name is michelle, I've been reading this board for a year or so but never registered. I'd like to make some friends that are fellow fans of NJ. I go to as many games as possible, with whomever will go with me-- None of my family enjoy hockey, nor do most local friends. I try to get the guys from my rescue squad to go with me though, but I usually end up going to games alone. I'm 21, graduating college this year. Want to be a season ticket holder next year, but it'd be nice to have a friend or two to sit with. Wanted to go to tonights game as well but kind of sick of goi
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