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  1. Last i checked it was $2.95. As I lost my job a couple months ago, every little bit helps. Stoked my seats were already paid for but kinda regretting the expense now even though I'm psyched for the season. Sorry to offend your sensibilities. I've given away a number of paid for game tickets in the past when I had the scratch to do so. This time around, can't.
  2. Hey there I'm not going to the BBQ/Fan Fest this weekend, but I have the pass for my one seat. Asking $20, $3 of which will cover the cost to print/email the ticket. First email to emilystg at gmail.com gets it. I'll be at the game on Friday if you want to meet up beforehand or I can email/paypal. Thanks!
  3. ev0lemi

    Dear Jacques

    Dear Jacques, I've really enjoyed your time with the Devils and I'd hate to see it end with this season. The job offers lots of travel, a dynamic work environment, exciting opportunities for growth, management of a large and talented pool of personel and summers off! Although i have no authority whatsoever to actually offer you an extension, I'd REALLY REALLY like you to stay. You're the peanut butter to our jelly. The chocolate to our mint. I'll be your best friend, walk your dog and mow your lawn! Pretty please?
  4. Just wanted to add a big *KUDOS* to everyone in section 232/233 yesterday. I tried to get some video of the "I believe" chant but some dork kept jumping up and grinning at my camera while i was trying to record. All of the regulars in 130 totally appreciated the extra noise in the uppers!
  5. i can't find the feed on msg.com anywhere. Don't like being lied to!
  6. According to @MSGnyc the game will be webcast on msg.com
  7. Hey there I put people up at the Grace Hotel on 45th street. The prices vary from 150+, they have really comfy beds, lux accommodations for the price and a 24hr pool with swim up bar! http://www.room-matehotels.com/eng/nuevayorkhotel/gracehotel/gracehotel.php There's also the Chelsea Star- its cheaper but feels cheaper. Still clean and close to everything. http://www.starhotelny.com/ As for getting to the rock, its super easy from both these hotels, NJ Transit takes you right there and the Path is nearby too
  8. hi adminy types the poorly cut upper right corner of the board title has been driving me batty. I slapped together a revise, if you wouldn't mind indulging me with using it instead!
  9. go hawks go!

  10. Ain't over til the final horn. Pull out all the stops tonight, it better be a battle.
  11. I don't wanna throw a bucket of cold water on this but after a couple of experiences in this vein i have one piece of advice: Don't poo where you eat. A short anecdote to prove my point: A little over a year ago I was newly single after 4 years and a messy breakup. I just wanted to play the field a bit and meet new people. Met a guy the game, one thing leads to another but it just wasn't good and afterwards he confesses he has a GF anyway?! I told him, ok. thanks for playing, this isn't going to work. I ignored his calls until he started showing up near my seats at the rock! He left some real
  12. ev0lemi

    Flyer fans

    Don't date within your division.
  13. Crasher normally i'd be with you on this. but how many people who aren't STH's got a piece of the 552 goal net? RIGHT. this year the devils got it right with that one!
  14. but yeah now i wanna see this hangman spot!
  15. that no one ever makes good tv commercials for the devils like the bruibns spots with the bear see: the real answer is that the devils haven't made any good tv commercials LATEY
  16. someone's gotta have it on VHS from an old broadcast. I'll pay money for a copy of the VHS and i'll digitize the thing. was that FSN? Maybe someone over there has got it...
  17. come on youtubes, i need this to win an arguement and I can't find it anywhere,
  18. *applause* classy move, Devils
  19. ok, what's a Beavertail? Grape's place is just called Don Cherry's? I think i need to at least stop in there. thanks for the info!
  20. YEP! doing the back to back Ottawa then Buffalo trip! We'll be in Ottawa Tuesday all day and postgame. We'll get to Buffalo for the game and then have the night there. That's it! Should i do an honorary view from 209? (i think its 205 in Ottawa actually)
  21. In keeping with my annual hockey travel, this year I'm making the Ottawa/Buffalo roadtrip. Are there any good postgame bars in both cities? We're staying downtown in Ottawa, not sure where in Buffalo but will have driving access. I know Anchor bar in Buffalo is the place to go for wings, anything i need to eat in Ottawa?
  22. welp that was a weird one. me and the section mates kept saying Lou "accidentally" tripped over the plug. Weird end to a weird night where the devils outplayed the bolts and still managed to be down 3 goals. Hope they figure it out or the points end up not mathematically mattering at the end of the season. I felt bad for the group of people in front of our seats. First game all season for them and this!
  23. From what I recall the Rangers took Avery because the Stars as a team pretty much voted him off the island. The Stars sent him down to the minors and I don't think he reported so they skirted the waiver thing with him. I just remember Modano etc throwing Avery under the bus when it came to his place on the Stars and that they got a lot better the minute he left.
  24. it was rad. Dano came over for a bit to chat and then we were getting in the car to ride to the Rock. He was gonna hitch a ride but goes, "I have a hat and a cigar. I'll walk"
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