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  1. I think he probably was. His seminal work was in the 80's but put out solid work in the 90s and even 2000's. I'd say most indie bands especially of the past decade love the guys work and are influenced by him and Johnny Marr. He's Kanye before Kanye. One of the most pretentious pricks in music and pop culture history. I look at him as if he's a professional wrestler, playing a character...except I don't think it's a character at all.
  2. Really sad. Sorry for your loss. All religions are poison to some of their followers. One in particular seems to be especially poisonous at this point in history. I wish everyone would stop believing in fairytales.
  3. Regardless of if it's in Rubles vs. Dollars... wouldn't that then put twice the financial burden on the owners? (Assuming his contract is currency deval. protected) The owners of that team are a gas company. I'm assuming they are having some issues right now.
  4. oofrostonoo

    KHL Collapse?

    It seems as if the KHL is in pretty big trouble. Many teams were already having financial problems, but in the past year (and specifically the past 2 weeks), the Ruble has crashed and the energy sector which subsidizes much of the league is in big trouble. Kovy signed his contract with the Ruble valued at .33 to 1 USD, now it's .14 to 1 USD. I'm not sure the "tax-free" aspect of that contract matters much now. James Mirtle has been tweeting about the subject, saying many players haven't been paid, and although some contracts are protected to currency devaluation, if the teams don't have to money to pay, it won't matter much. @mirtle It could be an interesting rest of the season over there.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EB7bBiP1FPU
  6. I think that Carter is due a raise to 900k 1M range...
  7. Wouldn't be surprised if he's back. Don't think another team will want him for the role that Marty is hoping for. I think playing time is going to be 80/20 Cory this year, and Marty will know this going in unlike last year when he rightfully had to lose the #1 job, rather than having it handed over to Cory. Marty will realize his new role IMO. Guy is Devil for life and a team player. Don't forget the money this guy passed up in order to stay with New Jersey.
  8. If Marty wants to play and can help improve the Devils by fetching even a 2nd round pick I don't see a problem. It isn't a storybook ending but it's not a bitter ugly ending either. He's earned it.
  9. Can't remember the exact game but they were wearing the Green jerseys, and there was a brawl. Someone was knocked out cold behind the net. Can't remember if they won. i was hooked.
  10. Lundqvist looked like sh!t too. He just didn't face anything tough after the first.
  11. Two hours before game time there are thousands of tix on stubhub! Plenty available for 30-50 bucks!!!
  12. The NHL almost always misses with musical performances and this is another bad one. What age demographic are they pleasing with this? 45+ at least? A modern New Jersey band like Gaslight Anthem would seem to be perfect for this type of thing, i can't imagine their fee would be on par with Cee-loo Green if not less. Half the guys in the band are Devils fans and half are Rangers fans, they even made custom devils/rangers t-shirts during that playoff run a few years back. Missed opportunity!
  13. The subways and Path generally still run fine in the snow. There may be delays here and there but you shouldn't get stranded or have trouble getting to the game in case of snow. Taking the GWB into the Bronx on the other-hand when it's snowing might be a bit of a problem. Getting a Garage in Jersey City/Hoboken/Harrison isn't a bad way to go either. Hop on the path to the subway!
  14. Cory will likely have another chance to play outside during his career. Marty will not. I think he earned it.
  15. It works the best with the chrome becuase the logo is of something metal. But the crest is HUGE.... like one of those cheesy Lacoste shirts or Polo shirts with the oversized Alligator/Polo Dude.
  16. Haha, this is kind of true. I would have just preferred a football stadium, which obviously isn't available, where you'll be far, but at least you can see the ice.
  17. I mean the stadium is so iconic with the arches and everything I think it will look great from the blimp and I'm sure there will be a lot of great camera shots showing off the location.
  18. As far as the cold... as long as you're dressed appropriately it shouldn't be an issue. What scared me away was the Yankee's seat previewer. You can see what your view would look like form your seat online, and the majority of the view's I saw from seats I could get were so low to the ground you wouldn't be able to see anything. This game seems like a great headline for the NHL... a game from world famous Yankee Stadium, but as far as I'm concerned the fan's are just a prop for TV. I almost wish the Devils got it in 2015 so they could play it in Met Life Stadium. There is much more upper deck there where sight lines would be good (still far away, but at least you can see the entire sheet of ice.
  19. I was wondering how many people here are going to the game. And if not, why? To me, I'd love to be part of history, and want to support my team, but the majority of seats will have almost no viewing angle for the game. I'd rather be able to see the game on TV.
  20. It is when there isn't snow on it. But when it snows usually 2 smaller rinks are cut out.
  21. With temperatures dipping down there are quite a few frozen ponds near me (Morris County). A problem I've encountered over years of playing is resurfacing. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on a good way to resurface the ice after a full day of skating on it. I'm looking into "drill pumps." Does anyone have experience with these? Will a portable drill pump enough water to resurface a medium sized ice area? Thanks!
  22. The chrome look translated better than I would have thought on skin. Cool.
  23. It seems like they are thinking of a long term plan rather than just filling seats right away. Probably makes sense business-wise. I for one wouldn't buy ticket plans when I could go on stubhub and buy decent seats mid week for 5-15 dollars a pop.
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