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  1. the end of born to run is celebratory, legendary" and ends with sing a long woah ohhhhhhh. I'd like to hear that.
  2. I've been going to games long before flyers swallow was added to the rangers suck chant. It was funny the first few times "Gomez Swallows" was chanted when played us as a Ranger. But after that it's just overkill.Also I'm not some Ned Flanders. Bad words don't offend me. It's just cringe worthy.
  3. Flyers swallow is trashy too. "Flyers swallow " and "you suck" seem to have started around the same time. At least that is yelled randomly and not as a celebration ritual.
  4. Yelling "You Suck" after scoring a goal isn't offensive because "suck" is a bad word. It is offensive because it's not creative, not funny, low class and ends up being yelled regardless if we're winning or not. This dumb chant makes me think our fan base has a bunch of people like this in the stands. http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/294/980/6b5.jpg Celebrate the goal with the team, cheer them on. R&R pt 2 was a great goal song but "you suck" is why we can't have nice things. Chant Lundqvist sucks or Flyers suck all you want, but try not to celebrate a goal like an idiot just because there is a mob doing it.
  5. Only if it's accompanied by this photo, with a devils logo photoshopped in.
  6. I think this came down to not being able to move Volchenkov, and not wanting to move Salvador.
  7. Probably not because there are more arenas that look like Vityaz in the KHL than Dinamo Minsk's. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kontinental_Hockey_League
  8. How can the KHL survive with arena's like that? No suites... insane. I get that there are a few rich dudes who can pay players a lot... but what's the point of paying a guy like Kovalchuck 15m a year in a league like this? Seems like an outrageous investment with no potential for any return. This league is going to collapse.
  9. I somehow doubt a team would pickup Gionta.
  10. Elias and Jagr both say they are good to go for opening night... Only 70 minutes until 5pm... Not sure if they'll put anyone on the IR considering everyone skated today. I hope we don't give up on Tedenby, i think he still has serious potential.
  11. Looks cool. You can see the puck and detail of a hockey game better than on the old style ones. LED video has gone down in price and up in quality pretty quickly.
  12. I understand what you're saying about me proving his point. But it depends on how you look at it. It slows down the actual elapsed time of the game... but as far as GAME PLAY, it eliminates the time that is essentially wasted with no actual competitive hockey play, as the defenseman skates back to touch up. I consider a fast paced game one where teams are actually competing against each other with time on the clock, not burning time with a formality like skating back and touching the puck. At the end of a game with the goalie pulled that can be 5-7 seconds of time per icing.
  13. Slows it down? It eliminates the waste of time it takes a d-man to skate back and get the puck... If anything it speeds it up, by leaving more time on the clock for offensive play.
  14. Love it if we get him. This creates some real competition to get in the top 6. Also gives us some help in case of injuries. Edit: In case you don't follow him. Todd Cordell does a great job covering the Devils and was the first to report this. @ToddCordell
  15. Could be... I wonder how the new division will affect who Lou does business with. We rarely traded within the Atlantic. The only one I can remember is with the Islanders.
  16. I'm going to brooklyn. I asked my boss if he wanted to go since he lives in brookyn, and he replied, "Yeah, get the good seats". Sooooo i ended up spending $98 for 4th row tickets to a preseason game.
  17. So I've been looking online for an answer but haven't found one. Does anyone know where I can buy a new nameplate to cover up perhaps a former #17 or #9?
  18. They aren't as bad as everyone is making them out to be. The stars on the shoulders and fake stitch is the worst part. I think people are just piling on. I agree that the previous two olympic jerseys were far superior, but they aren't abysmal.
  19. I'll guess 4 years 13 million. Edit: $24 million over 6 years.
  20. Go to reddit and i bet you can find someone to do it. I think you would need a higher-res image as well. This would cheer him up? lol
  21. Would be nice to see him score his 700th in a Devils jersey.
  22. Kind of like Shannahan coming to the Devils for a final stint... except Jagr has more in the tank IMO.
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