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  1. The Devils love bringing back guys like this... and I think he would do pretty well. The only problem is that we don't really need another center. It's not worth stunting Josefson or Henriques development at center... but then again should our # 2 and 3 centers be so young?
  2. Brian Rolston played 5 home playoff games for the Wild in his career.
  3. At first I was pissed at the quote, but then I realized I say about the same thing when I'm leaving a party to go to a better one. And it's translated.
  4. I'm sure he just wants to say thanks to his home country and league that would pay him when the NHL wouldn't. If he legally can, why wouldn't he. Maybe he's just trying to do right by the fans. He's not walking away from his house and contract. 1 game away from the Stanley Cup...no way.
  5. I'm not an anti/pro gun. But Do you think this 18 year old kid would have been able to illegally obtain an assault weapon through the black market? What about the kid in Aurora? Would he have found an assault rifle and 100 round clip or whatever he had on the black market? Somehow I doubt the perpetrators of these mass shooting would have the ability to acquire these weapons illegally.
  6. I'm pretty sure he's a tattoo artist.
  7. It would be fun if the Devils made a bunch of HD non "bugged" (msg/scoreclock) footage that people could edit to their own song...
  8. This was sketched by a friend of a friend; I thought it was a pretty unique and cool rendition of the Devils logo.
  9. Aww the owners and players all have hurt feelings.
  10. I was hoping to see him pelted with rotten fruit the next time he walks on the ice.
  11. I'm not trying to punish them or myself. I am just becoming a bit more apathetic to the league. It's really pathetic/"mickey mouse", that the league has to lose games every time they need a new CBA. Aren't these people professionals? Their job is to work this out! If you have a lockout every time you SUCK at your job. I'm not waiting on the edge of my seat for them to get a deal done this time. What's the point? Last time I was following it so closely but now that I have 0 faith in either sides why invest myself in it? If it comes back great; but at this point I've detached myself from it. Edit: I have been a huge hockey fan since I could walk & comprehend what was happening on TV. Being a fan has nothing to do with it.
  12. I moved to the area last year; I was planning on getting a plan this season. But now, not a chance. If they cancel this year I'm only watching on TV in 2013-2014.
  13. It could have hurt him, and helped him. It is just a matter of what it would do more.I think him saying, I'm going to cut taxes across the board 20% without basic specifics of how he would do this added to the perception that Mitt Romney is a man who will say anything to get elected. That seemed to be the cornerstone of his campaign too, and it was vaguely explained at best.The big 3 things we spend money on are Defense, Medicare/Medicade, and SS. He proposed a large increase in defense spending, and a vague new medicare plan. Without actually addressing those things, his plan didn't add up. Especially when you consider that the country wants to cut the deficit. How can we cut the deficit effectively without raising revenue (taxes) and cutting some spending?
  14. We'll never know because no specifics were ever discussed besides cutting planned parenthood and pbs.
  15. You were really shocked? Honest question... were you mostly watching FoxNews and reading Drudge for your information? If so I guess I can see why you would be shocked. Drudge constantly cherry picked the most favorable outlying polls as evidence of a Romney lead. This is not a great way to be well informed. The FACT is that Obama led in almost every swing state poll for the entire campaign... even after the first debate. The data is online, you can look it up! And the Bain Capital attacks were started in the primaries by other Republicans! Sheldon Adelson financed a 30 minute documentary when he was supporting Newt that covered ROMNEY's time at Bain, and how he was a corporate raider. Then he dumped tens of millions to support Romney once Newt dropped out... Who swift boated who? I can't wrap my brain around this delusion.
  16. Also a few more shots I took last night in Hoboken. Power starting to come on. http://froston.tumblr.com/
  17. New York is still half dark as of last night. Took this from Hoboken.
  18. I'm pretty sure we haven't had more powerful storms in the past. The previous record for a surge brought by a storm was 11 feet set in 1821. This one was over 13. So by that wouldn't you say this storm was bigger than any storm ever recorded in the area...
  19. Hoboken is a mess. I was evacuated because I'm on the 1st floor in SW Hoboken (the part that floods during a normal rain storm) My apt is raised up about 6 feet off the ground... the water rose to about 5 and a half feet and didn't come in... close call. The city is a mess. Thick dark brown/black oil sludge in my lobby and all over my street. Still flooded as of this morning near me...although not nearly as bad as it was. People are setting up charging stations at random places in town. so neighbors are actually talking to each other. 11th street has power and they had a little Halloween party last night with a bunch of parents drinking wine and kids dressed up. Cars by me are sideways from being moved by water. A few downed trees, and almost all the businesses along 1st street have/had several feet of water inside them. The water is sewage/oil/gas/rain so it's not pretty. People are handling it well, and being nice to one another. We had about 100 beers at my friend place on his third floor apartment so we've been going through them. Booze makes the boredom much better! EDIT: No Cell Service or Power. PSE&G was working all night fixing stuff, so hats off to them! Local Gov. is doing a good job as well organizing, and getting people supplies, and information.
  20. Last years was a pretty close call... hopefully we are that lucky again. Hopefully hoboken doesn't sink, last year even a day later a lot of the town was under water.
  21. Japandroids are awesome. Explosions in the Sky could work. I feel like we are going to be stuck with too much dub step in the arena. It's a fad with some cool songs...but gets old quick. Deadmau5 has some great slow build songs with great beats.
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