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  1. Still can't believe I didn't say hello, thanks for the cups. Biggest regret of the past 5 years.
  2. Maybe I didn't search enough but I didn't find anything on this site about it. I was looking at these sites cheapjerseys.us and borntradejerseys.net. They wholesale jerseys out of China. Jerseys are like 30 something bucks for a customized jersey w/ tiedown. Does anyone have experience ordering these? Are they legit ... enough ... I was thinking about a throwback Oilers or North Stars Jersey maybe.
  3. Yeah i totally agree. I'm just saying Mitt won't say he will do anything to the things that will actually reduce the deficit. The only cuts I hear are for education, the EPA, Planned Parenthood, NPR... stuff that is such a tiny part of the budget that it does nothing but screw over a few people and cause collateral damage.
  4. I'm voting for Obama; that said if Romney wins, I think he'll govern as a moderate, so it won't be terrible. Reasons: Obama inherited a mess. Losing 700+k jobs a month. He helped turn it around with some hard decisions (bailouts, tarp). We have slowly but surely been gaining jobs, it needs to gain steam though. The worldwide economy is a mess. We are ahead of the curve compared to our international competitors. He is much more open to science and findings that perhaps contradict peoples religious beliefs/economic interests. He grew up not very wealthy to a single mom. He earned his way without a last name or wealth. So he can actually relate to different "levels" of American society. I can't support Romney for a bunch of reasons. There are no specifics to his plans. How do we cut taxes & reduce the deficit without touching Medicare, SS, or Defense. He has a completely different life experience/reality from 99% of the people he is representing. His "base" supports religious ideals over scientific and data driven ones. Defunding planned parenthood for example would do nothing to our defect but screw over a lot of people. It seems as if he will do or say anything to be elected. Completely reverse his positions to reflect "political market conditions."
  5. Controversy out of nothing. Making it seem like the footage was banned because of a left wing media conspiracy. Does it even make the president look bad? It's a fluff answer that wouldn't have hurt or helped the president anyway.
  6. http://www.pewforum.org/Politics-and-Elections/2012-romney-mormonism-obamas-religion.aspx 30% of "Republicans" 34% of "Conservative Republicans" edit: Not specifically "practicing"
  7. Romney's religion is being shoved down your throat? What do you mean? 30% of Republicans believe Barack Obama is a Muslim. That is delusional and quite frankly sad. Who cares if Romney is Mormon. They seem to be moral people with good families for the most part. I mean when you look at the specifics of Mormonism it's insane (although all religions are kind of crazy when you look at the details and actually read the books). I don't believe that in Romney's heart he thinks that he'll rule a planet with his family after he dies. I don't think he believes that god lives in our galaxy on the planet Kolob. Maybeeeeee he believes the Native Americans are the lost tribe of Israel and the Garden of Eden was in Missouri.
  8. Umm Obama has been very center-left. Of course the smart thing for Conservatives to say is that he's the most socialist left wing nut of all time, but this isn't the case if you look at what he's done.
  9. What does leading in cable news have to do with anything? They have a market and they play to it at the expense of objective and constructive journalism. I turned on Fox last night to see how they would react to the story and Greta briefly touched on it saying "So apparently there is a new video, I'm not sure I haven't seen it, where Mitt Romney says Americans are dependent on Government"... Completely avoiding the actual reason why the video is getting attention. Then she switched back to the Fox News coverage of "Obama lets American's die in the Middle East" coverage.
  10. Noticed how Jeff Vanderbeek gets a few tweets and saying he is the Owner. First time i've seen him photographed or in awhile.
  11. Starland is a nice venue, good sound & sight-lines. It's kind of in the middle of nowhere for me so I rarely go there anymore since I am just a subway ride away from like 10 NYC venues, but I like the place. Not that you should be Drinking and Driving in the first place, but many time's i've gone there and encountered a checkpoint down the road on my way out. In regards to the DMB debate earlier; I consider myself totally open minded to all types of music, and listen to music all day (part of my job), but I cannot stand DMB. I know it's all personal taste... and they are great musicians and all, but for whatever reason they are as polarizing as Nickelback. (Not as terrible as Nickleback) They are a different kind of "suck" to me.
  12. I wonder who runs this site. I feel like a lot of their rankings are pulled out of their ass. What are the qualifications of these guys? Reading other reporters scouting reports?
  13. Speaking of Kovalchuk, when are his annual Russian "Rocky" training photos coming out of him in the woods lifting up logs and sh!t?
  14. Considering this was shot on video in the 90's I don't think you can get much higher resolution than 720x480 that it was shot/broadcast in. Unless this was shot on film a big blow up of it isn't going to look too nice.
  15. Give them the moment of silence. Although this source doesn't seem to provide the entire story so I can't really make an educated judgement. Make believe, imaginary friends and "holy land." I hope the human race can survive religion.
  16. Hope Cam doesn't get any sh!t for this. What a spectacular meathead, totally made my morning seeing this. Would love to have him doing NSFW color commentary some day.
  17. So this morning the Devils official twitter tweeted out asking followers to help Mattaeu to 3,000 followers... I thought no big deal, he's just a prospect. Then a few minutes ago @BryceSalvador was being promoted by the NHL. Maybe Bryce had a Twitter account written into his 3 year contract? This is a slippery slope Lou!
  18. Question: Has any player past or present ever played Parise's style of game effectively beyond their lat 20's? I don't recall any... The majority of forwards that seem to be effective past their mid 20's have great vision and shooting skills which I believe Parise lacked. Kovalchuk however has the skills that are effective as a player ages. ZP's goals come from within 10 feet of the net, and he is going to have a harder and harder time getting those.
  19. Trying to rationalize and prepare myself for today. Parise is such a like-able guy, hard worker, incredibly marketable (Devils biggest weakness), that being said I don't think his game will be as effective in his early 30's and up. I think Parise is worth 12years 70 Million. I'd love if the devils could get him for that. I think He'll get offered 90-105million, which he is totally not worth... but who can blame him for taking it. I don't think he goes to Philly. That team seems to be blown up and surrounded by drama most of the time. If i were him my top 2 (besides NJ) would be Detroit and Pittsburgh. Minnesota never seems to consistently have their sh!t together. If he wasn't such a like able guy personally this would be much easier.
  20. He took a paycut to stay in NJ... I can see that justifying a slight overpayment.
  21. I think we're keeping him, but regardless of Parise... I'd take Jagr at 2.5 million. He could be great on the PP, knows how to win, and if we don't burn him out could be a nice asset to the team. Plus I'm sure he'd like to stay in the Atlantic. That being said there have always been rumors about him having a gambling problem and being near broke, so he might just go where the $ is. And probably will. Gomez at $1,000,000.
  22. Yeah; he did this to all the teams, some were funny. This one wasn't really his best, but good job good effort Greg. Everyone chill.
  23. A "F" - LA Song for those who don't mind 100+ f-bombs. God Devils
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