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  1. Looks like this move has been in the works since September, shortly after the Senators announced they were leaving Binghamton. http://blog.timesunion.com/hockey/what-you-may-not-have-known-about-the-albany-devils-move/22112/
  2. Good to see you guys too. Nice to still see so many familiar faces around here.
  3. You rang? I haven't been around much this season, but I stopped by once I saw the news to see if it had made its way here yet. So, hi. I can't say I'm surprised. Well, actually, I am somewhat, because I didn't think it was going to happen, but the rumor's been out there for a while now, and it really started getting hot and heavy this week. And as bad as attendance has been, I don't think it was as much of a factor as most people are going to say it was. The Devils were running the show themselves in Albany, and Binghamton has a local group (the current owners of the Senators) who will be leasing the franchise from the Devils and taking care of all the business dealings, so that's money in the Devils' pockets. As far Albany, it's probably for the best. This has always been more of a college town, and with two D-I hockey teams and two D-I basketball teams competing for attention, the pro team in the way-too-big arena was bound to get the short end of the stick. Also, there are a lot of pigheaded Rangers fans around here who won't support anything Devils-related, so you've got that. (A lot of people say the Devs could've avoided that or at least mitigated it somewhat by keeping the River Rats name and logo, but I disagree.) Right now it looks like the arena's not pursuing another hockey team immediately, though they could be in the running for the Rangers' AHL affiliate next year. (Hartford just renewed their lease for one more year a couple weeks ago.)
  4. To be fair, he's covered gymnastics for NBC for the last 15 years or so. One would think he's picked up at least something about the sport in all that time.
  5. I was talking about Steven M's post, which goes to the AHL Live schedule page.
  6. Click on the link in the post above yours. You should see a headphones icon next to "Albany Devils". Click on that and the Devils' radio feed should start.
  7. North Division Finals – Series “J” (best-of-7) N1-Toronto Marlies vs. N2-Albany Devils Game 1 – Wed., May 4 – Albany at Toronto, 7:30 Game 2 – Fri., May 6 – Albany at Toronto, 7:30 Game 3 – Sun., May 8 – Toronto at Albany, 5:00 Game 4 – Tue., May 10 – Toronto at Albany, 7:00 * Game 5 – Thu., May 12 – Toronto at Albany, 7:00 * Game 6 – Sat., May 14 – Albany at Toronto, 3:00 * Game 7 – Mon., May 16 – Albany at Toronto, 7:30 *if necessary... All times Eastern
  8. I misunderstood this post and thought you were saying that the Lightning couldn't draw for crap, and I was about to come back with this well-researched rebuttal about how Tampa actually tends to draw rather well, and then I reread it and realized you were talking about baseball instead. But yeah, the Rays are just pitiful when it comes to attendance. Lately Cleveland has been right down there with them, and the Marlins usually aren't too far off. I'd be careful about dissing the Panthers, though. Granted, they only drew a little over 11k this past season and a little over 14k the year before that, but typically they're in the same general neighborhood as the Devils; sometimes their attendance is better, sometimes ours is. Here's the last 10 seasons of attendance data (hopefully the formatting comes out right): Florida New Jersey difference 2014-15 11,265 30th 15,189 26th 3924 2013-14 14,177 29th 15,257 24th 1080 2012-13 16,991 22nd 17,114 20th 123 2011-12 16,628 21st 15,396 24th -1232 2010-11 15,685 22nd 14,775 25th - 910 2009-10 15,146 25th 15,535 20th 389 2008-09 15,621 24th 15,790 23rd 169 2007-08 15,436 25th 15,564 23rd 128 2006-07 15,370 22nd 14,176 26th -1194 2005-06 16,014 19th 14,230 26th -1784
  9. Albany's playoff chances heading into the final weekend of the season: Slim, but they're still in it. .................Pts..MaxPts ROW MaxROW...Wed. 4/15....Friday 4/17....Saturday 4/18...Sunday 4/19 7 Worcester.....86....92....38...41..................@Providence....@Manchester.....vs. Portland 8 Portland......83....89....35...38..................@Manchester....vs. Providence @Worcester 9 Springfield...83....87....32...34..................@St. John's....@St. John's 10 Albany........79....85....32...35....vs. Syracuse..@Wilkes-Barre..vs. Hartford ROW = Regulation/OT wins (Tiebreaker #1) Points in season series (Tiebreaker #2): - Albany vs. Portland: POR 5, ALB 3 - Albany vs. Springfield: SPR 12, ALB 8 - Portland vs. Springfield: POR 6, SPR 2 - Worcester vs. Springfield: WOR 8, SPR 6 - Worcester vs. Portland: WOR 9, POR 7 (1 game remaining) At this point, they cannot catch Worcester, but the #8 spot is still within reach. They need to get at least 5 of their remaining 6 possible points and hope both Portland and Springfield stumble big time. Any of the following will end Albany's playoff hopes: - a loss in regulation - two points by Portland - three points by Springfield - two points by Springfield combined with a failure by Albany to gain at least one regulation win Bottom line: They need to win, and they need a lot of help.
  10. It's too bad you guys couldn't get Richmond back in the ECHL, or, even though it's allegedly worse hockey, ended up with a SPHL team.
  11. The thing with Evander Kane is, you won't know whether he's the type of guy who's going to be a cancer no matter where he goes or he simply needs a change of scenery until he gets that change of scenery. I don't remember if he got into any trouble when the Jets were still in Atlanta, but it's pretty clear that the move to Winnipeg has not suited him. By the same token, it's hard to predict how Kane would deal with the expectations and restrictions inherent with being a Devil. Much like a certain other Thrasher before him, a little bit of structure and discipline might do him good and enable him to thrive... or he could be unable or unwilling to adapt to this environment, cementing his reputation as a problem child and (hopefully) leading to a quick exit from New Jersey. I don't know if he's high-risk, high-reward, but he's probably at least a medium-risk, medium-reward player.
  12. They probably will. I'm pretty sure they use it on their college hockey coverage; I remember hearing it during the Frozen Four last year.
  13. Some people think that's where we're eventually headed. I have no idea if there are any official (or even unofficial) plans to that end, though. The AHL was pretty clear that their goal was a full 30-team complement with each franchise paired up with a NHL partner, and they finally achieved that a few years ago. AFAIK, the ECHL does not have a similar manifest destiny mindset. I suppose it's possible that the NHL will push the ECHL toward a tighter relationship as more ECHL teams fall under NHL ownership, but I don't think there's any sort of timeline on that. Not a flippin' clue. Sorry.
  14. The worst-kept secret in the AHL was made official today in a press conference in San Jose featuring AHL president David Andrews, representatives of the 5 NHL teams involved, and, of all people, Bill Daly. (Don't know WTF he was doing there.) If you've been following this thread (or the situation in general), you already know what's up, but just to recap: The Kings will move their franchise from Manchester (NH) to Ontario (CA), where their ECHL club currently plays. The AHL team will likely assume the Ontario Reign identity from the ECHL team. The Sharks will move their franchise from Worcester (MA) to San Jose. They'll play out of the SAP Center initially, with a permanent home to be determined at a later date. Rumor has it that the Sharks intend to expand their practice facility to fit in a rink with sufficient capacity. The Oilers will move their franchise from Oklahoma City to Bakersfield (CA). It will likely take on the Condors identity from the incumbent ECHL squad. The Flames will move their franchise from Glens Falls (NY) to Stockton (CA), where they will become the Stockton Grizzlies. Continuing a theme, they will be displacing the ECHL's Stockton Thunder. The Ducks will purchase the team they had been affiliated with, the Norfolk (VA) Admirals, from their current owners and move them to San Diego. No word yet on their new name. In return, it is expected that the Kings and Flames will move their respective ECHL teams (Ontario and Stockton) into the AHL cities they are vacating. Also, as I previously mentioned, it is expected that the Oilers will do the Ducks a solid and move ECHL Bakersfield to Norfolk. I don't know if any of these are official yet or if they're even true; at any rate, the ECHL is supposedly holding a press conference tomorrow to discuss how the AHL's moves will affect them. So far, none of this has any effect on the Devils' relationship with Albany. Their lease is up at the end of this season, and it's possible another city will try to convince the Devils to move, but at present, I see no reason why the Devils would leave Albany.
  15. I realize a professional broadcast-caliber camera is different from a GoPro, but does anyone remember when John Vanbiesbrouck had a camera on his helmet in the 1996 All-Star Game? http://www.youtu.be/XlRCGR10uBg (That game was also notable for being the debut of the infamous glowing puck.) Kelly Hrudey also had a helmet-cam way back in 1991 when the Kings and Rangers played an outdoor exhibition game at Caesar's Palace. And MA Fleury has worn a helmet camera multiple times, including during the 2004 lockout in a game against Albany. (Article with picture of the camera embedded in the bottom on the mask; video comprised of footage recorded by the helmet cam in that AHL game) I agree, though, that the GoPro is still too big to be used in a setting such as this, despite the remarkable progress consumer photography electronics have made with regard to size, durability, and video/picture quality. My only point is that the technology exists to pull this off if the parties involved really wanted to do it; the problem, if you can call it that, is that it's still viewed as a gimmick. Finally; since this is a Devils board, here's a video of Cory Schneider wearing a GoPro at practice at Yankee Stadium:
  16. Given that the incoming ECHL team is owned by Edmonton, I'd be very surprised if it wasn't affiliated with the Oilers.
  17. Race and ethnicity does not change geography. A European country will always be a European country. Because it's in bleeping Europe.
  18. Things are slowly starting to fall into place for AHL West. First up, about three or four weeks ago, the Oklahoma City Barons announced that they will close up shop after this season. The Barons are owned by their parent Edmonton Oilers and were one of the teams that were expected to move west to form the AHL's Pacific Division. They had been operated by a group headed by Bob Funk, who had owned the CHL's Blazers, the Barons' predecessor in OKC. It is rumored that the Oilers will move their farm club to Bakersfield, currently home to the Oilers-owned Bakersfield Condors of the ECHL. Second: Remember when I said that the owner of the Norfolk Admirals wasn't going to sell unless he had to? Well, it looks like he thought about it for a while and came to the realization that he pretty much has to. Nothing has been finalized yet, but news reports out of Norfolk say that the Admirals are close to being sold to the Anaheim Ducks, their current parent club. The most likely destination for the Ads, according to the rumor mill, is San Diego. (The rebirth of the San Diego Gulls, anyone?) All is not lost for Norfolk, however. There are some rumblings that the aforementioned Bakersfield Condors will wind up in Norfolk where they will likely adopt the Admirals name. (A little bit of history: Prior to joining the AHL, Norfolk was home to the ECHL's Hampton Roads Admirals from 1989 to 2000.) Third: Calgary's AHL team has bounced around a lot since leaving Saint John, New Brunswick, in 2003. First they were in Omaha, then the Quad Cities, then Abbotsford, BC, and finally this season they moved to Glens Falls, NY, about an hour north of Albany. Now it looks like they're gearing up to move once again to Stockton, CA, if their impending purchase of the ECHL's Stockton Thunder is any indication. It's possible that Calgary could be going for a straight switcheroo here, flipping the locations of the Thunder and the Adirondack Flames. It's already widely assumed that the Kings will move the Manchester Monarchs to Ontario, CA, replacing the Kings-owned Ontario Reign of the ECHL, and that the San Jose Sharks will likewise move the Worcester Sharks to California. Where, however, is less clear. The Cow Palace in San Francisco is not ideal, and ARCO Arena in Sacramento (or whatever they're calling it these days) doesn't have ice. There's a possibility that they could share Oracle Arena with the Golden State Warriors, but the latest rumor points to San Jose simply parking their AHL club in the Shark Tank for a year or two until new NBA arenas in Sacramento and San Francisco are ready. To round out the probable suspects: Vancouver looks to be playing wait-and-see; they're content to cool their heels in Utica for a few years while everyone else does the dirty work of figuring out whether this whole west-coast thing is even viable. As for Arizona, even if they wanted to have an AHL franchise of their own closer to home, they're probably not in a position to make that happen right now. The closest they'll be able to get is an affiliation change; they're almost certainly out of Portland after this season, and some people think they'll wind up back in San Antonio, where they had previously affiliated with the Rampage from 2005 to 2011. ... And all this assumes that everything's going down this offseason. Obviously something has to happen with the soon-to-be-ex-Barons, but everything else could conceivably still be held off until 2016. Not surprisingly, the rumor mill's got itself worked up over the prospect of 2015 being the year that AHL West finally comes to fruition.
  19. Well... yes and no. Don't be too alarmed by the curtains; the entire arena holds a little over 14,000 for hockey, and without the curtains, it certainly feels that big. The curtains cut the capacity down to about 6700, and most AHL teams don't even average that much. They can open the upper deck when needed, though it doesn't happen often. (Their two home playoff games last season drew 6572 and 8026 respectively.) The one section that is always open is the one that functions as the press box. Right now the A-Devs are averaging just under 3000, good for third-worst in the AHL. Attendance is usually pretty crappy in the first half of the season, picking up somewhat after the new year (especially after the NFL season ends) when there's less to do, although we still haven't averaged over 4000 in almost a decade. Whether or not this all adds up to being "an issue" depends on how you look at it. Granted, Albany tends to be at or near the bottom of the league's attendance table on a regular basis. However, the Devils also have a sweetheart lease with the Times Union Center, so they can afford to not draw as well at the gate as perhaps they should. Also, the organization has been record for a long time as not being overly worried about minor-league attendance, so what might be considered an issue to outside observers probably isn't much of an issue as far as the Devils are concerned.
  20. True. That was back in the day when the Devils had depth galore and Lou liberally used that depth as trade bait trying to land that one missing piece every year. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.
  21. For me it would be Steve Sullivan. To be fair, he was awesome in Albany; he was the leading scorer on the Calder Cup-winning River Rats in 1995, and he ended up with 72 goals and 99 assists in 143 games over 2+ seasons. He just never panned out with the Devils; my thought was he wasn't given enough of a chance, but I'm sure many will disagree with me. I remember when he got called up for the first time and was set to make his NHL debut. I was 14, and I was really excited to watch his first game on TV, and for some weird reason my mom got it in her head that THAT was the night we were going to have a family game night for the first time ever. I, uh, kinda threw a fit and ended up watching the game in another room while the rest of the family went on with whatever board game they had picked out. Not surprisingly, the idea of Family Game Night dissipated after that. I could tell Mom was hurt by my insistence on watching the Devils game, and I felt bad about that, but it's like, I would've been happy to play along literally any other night. You just HAD to choose the night my favorite player at the time (and he's still my favorite River Rat of all time) was making his NHL debut? Come on, mom! (BTW, he scored his first NHL goal in his debut, so that was awesome.) Uh, yeah. Now I'm much older and allegedly wiser. Allegedly. Oh, and I used to have a clipping from one of the local papers of their coverage of the game where the Rats won the Calder Cup. The picture they ran with the article was of Sully hoisting the Cup while Bryan Helmer (I think) celebrated in the background. Not sure what happened to that.
  22. Holy crap, Don! You look like a completely different person than the guy I met... geez, almost ten years ago now! Your transformation is absolutely amazing. I... I can't even figure out what to say... (Unfortunately, I may have found a few of the pounds you lost... )
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