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  1. Good, the rivalry has been dormant for years. I miss it.
  2. Jerrydevil


    We'll always have 2012. The stretch pass to Ponikarovsky to beat Philly in OT .... great moment.
  3. Jerrydevil


    I don't think that was his problem. The guy played with Marian Hossa, Slava Kozlov and Marc Savard. Maybe a year or two with Dany Heatley, too. He would have had a Hall of Fame career had his 30s been like his 20s.
  4. The Big Jim one from a few years ago was my favorite Progressive commercial with Jamie. He's had a handful of good ones. The Dr. Rick spots are very good.
  5. The Rangers had their chance to end this series early, but win or lose, they are very possibly heading toward another seven-game series. Crazy stuff.
  6. One day we will be buyers. I also doubt it happens next season, not for a player like Pastrnak anyway. I'd settle for Pat Maroon-worthy.
  7. This is the way these things usually unfold. Boston will take the best offer from a contender, and that will be it. Pastrnak will get once-in-a-career UFA status and he'll make a mint, just like Dougie Hamilton did last summer.
  8. I'll put money on that not happening. I'll bet Pastrnak wants to be a UFA next summer more than he wants out of Boston right now.
  9. They do have to rebuild. But I think they could get more for Pastrnak next year at the trade deadline than they could now. It's way too risky for the Devils now. We don't even have a goalie. I hope we're in a position to get Pastrnak as a rental next spring.
  10. Yeah, I think most NHL teams would think the same way. That's why the Bruins shouldn't trade him now. They should be re-signing him now, really. Or wait until the trade deadline next season to deal him, when contending teams are vying for his services.
  11. The Pastrnak thing is tricky. He's gonna want to test the market as a free agent. A sign-and-trade is not likely. If I were Bruins management, I wouldn't even think about trading Pastrnak now. They have to re-sign him first if they want to get full value in return. Trading him with one year left on his contract doesn't seem to make sense. What could they get? What should the Devils reasonably give up for one year of Pastrnak?
  12. What a deflating goal that was for Edmonton. Hit the post on one end, give up a softie on the other.
  13. When a team totally shuts you down, it can look awfully boring. This game is a clinic in team defense. Tampa has very little giddyup in their game, too.
  14. This Rangers team has the look of a champion. It's unfortunate.
  15. That Kassian guy has brain damage. That was really dumb, LOL!
  16. I'd be surprised if this Tampa team didn't respond well after losing Game 1. Win the next 4? That'd be nice but I think we're looking at a long series.
  17. The officials need to get out of the way. Let them scrap.
  18. While watching the Hurricanes continue to make the same mistakes, I thought of this Scott Stevens quote: "If you’re just going to have the mindset where you say, 'Well we’re just going to play the same way we’ve played all year, because we got here by playing that way,' that won’t work. Some teams are better at making adjustments on the fly than others. Some teams resist it. Some players resist it. And usually that is their demise.”
  19. That entire playoffs was wild. The Sharks were up 3 games to none on the Kings in the first round. LA played all of their game 7s on the road.
  20. I didn't know that! I just checked. The Kings lost 10 games in 2014 and won the Cup. The team they beat, the Rangers, lost 12 playoff games, which is tied for the most playoff losses with 2015 Tampa and 2020 Stars.
  21. Continuing the logic here ... I'd be surprised if anyone besides the 2019 Blues lost 10 playoff games and won a Cup.
  22. Barry Melrose's Kings played 19 games, including a grueling 7-game series against Toronto in the conference finals, before playing the Canadiens in the finals and losing in 5. Still, they played 12 games in the first two rounds, not 14.
  23. It would be fun if the Rangers played 4 seven-game series and lost the last game.
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