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  1. I am jumping way ahead, but I hope that Mike White is a long-term solution. He picked apart a bad defense today, so there will be tougher challenges.
  2. It's another great sign in a short season full of them.
  3. PLUS 23! That would be good for the whole season. It IS crazy.
  4. I wish I was at that crapshow! Playoff quality hockey in November, right there.
  5. Yeah, Vanecek did to Washington what Murray did to the Devils. It's nice having a goalie win a game for you. What can you say about Hughes, those first two are ridiculous goals.
  6. Didn't Sharangovich have a hat trick last year? I don't think Spaulding is right.
  7. It's a lot of fun to beat the tar out of this team.
  8. Bank one in off his ass for the hat trick.
  9. Yeah Murphy's cup of coffee doesn't count, but I'll give you Al, he was a great offensive defenseman. A loose cannon with a cannon of a slapshot. He had no problem with the rough stuff, too.
  10. Someone needs to tell Bill Spaulding that Ruff is old, but not old enough to have coached Mogilny in Buffalo.
  11. It is growing on me. It's a pretty sharp looking uniform.
  12. I have no issue with the top 5, although maybe I'd take out Niedermayer's goal (as great as it was) for Lemieux's blue line slapper against Philly in Game 5 of the 1995 ECF, because that goal turned the series in our favor and is one of the most memorable goals a Devil has scored. I'd put Marty's empty net goal against Montreal right outside the top 5. I've seen several top 10 or top 20 goal lists for the Devils, and Valeri Zelepukin's goal to tie the Ranger game in the closing seconds of regulation in Game 7 of the 1994 ECF doesn't get enough love because we lost in double overtime. If we won that game, it'd easily be in the top 5, but given the dramatic nature of that goal, it should be mentioned more often regardless.
  13. I think you could argue that Toronto hasn't had a great defenseman since Salming retired. Brian Leetch doesn't count. Bryan McCabe and Tomas Kaberle were very good.
  14. Making it clear that I don't think throwing things on the ice is good, let them rip our fans. We're not that different than anybody else's fans, particularly the Eastern Conference ones.
  15. That was some hockey game. Can't wait for the next one.
  16. We are the best soccer-playing hockey team in the league.
  17. He's not very good in front of the net, I agree. But this little nugget of info supports what I see from Brendan Smith. He's part of a good defense. He wins battles and clears the zone.
  18. I gotta stick with what I see, which is more good play than bad. You know those little things Daneyko always talks about? Clearing the zone, board battles, positioning, knowing when to pinch and when not to pinch? He's been pretty decent, better than average #6 defenseman, I'd say. He's got a role here if he keeps playing like he has been.
  19. Yes it certainly will. It's kinda what many of us have been saying for a long time ... we want to be good enough to play Severson on the third pair. That day has come.
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