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  1. Tough loss. Jets have a QB for the rest of the season, and hopefully longer, if he stays healthy. That 4th and 10 conversion after getting rocked the play before was good stuff. There were missed opportunities and having to settle for field goals, but Vikings did a good job making stops when they needed to. They also put together a fast TD drive after the Jets had taken all of the momentum in the game in the third quarter. I'm disappointed because I felt the Jets were winning this game after Zuerlein closed out the first half with the long FG. But I'm not pissed. This team is going to be very good. They're already good.
  2. He’s a better commentator than a goaltender! I didn’t hear his take tonight, but it sounds like real talk to me. The rangers are lifeless and have been for many, many games
  3. Clearly, they’re not what the so-called experts expected. The flyers aren’t any good either but they’re not a cakewalk. The rangers have very little spirit at all. That can’t go on much longer. It’s weird that I don’t hear much booing by Ranger fans. Just silence. It’s like a morgue in the Garden.
  4. He should be. There is something very wrong with that team. Why are they so poor defensively? In our recent game, they gave our players so much room in the neutral zone to get an attack going. Compare that to the Flyers tonight. Well, the rangers play like this regularly. They’re not deep enough on offense to play a loose defensive game.
  5. Gerard Gallant is hanging on by a string.
  6. I couldn’t agree more. I thought it was clever the first 3 times I saw it, now I can’t wait for Christmas to be over.
  7. Good game by Wood and McLeod, who has improved by leaps and bounds. I want to watch every second of that commercial, every time.
  8. Wow, Hamilton needs to do a better job there. Brutal turnover
  9. That many years plus that much money is a big gamble.
  10. I expect the GM will be active at the trade deadline. There's no reason to wait if you're in contention. Like Rock said, beware the superstar acquisition in the last year of a contract. It often doesn't work out. We won the Cup in 2000, but Mogilny was not a HUGE factor. He was a star in his first full season in 2001, though. We have had a handful of terrific midlevel acquisitions over the years like Neal Broten and Pat Maroon. I don't think we make the 2012 finals without Marek Zidlicky. Like Maroon in 2018, Nieuwendyk and Langenbrunner played well in 2002 down the stretch but we went out early.
  11. This is a big deal. Because inevitably, there will be a slump or two.
  12. The food was pretty good when The Rock first opened. Hobby’s deli was in there, I remember that.
  13. I’m a Devils fan, so I go where the Devils go. The Prudential Center is a good building. My issue has always been Newark. As a white person, I was always more comfortable in the Meadowlands. It’s as simple as that.
  14. The Hextall model not only stopped pucks, it was a weapon.
  15. There are moments permanently burned into my memory, for good and for bad. Mostly good.
  16. Did I miss it, or did the Devils say how badly Bastian is hurt?
  17. She needs to win this lawsuit because she's not hireable or dateable.
  18. I'm not sure he's the right fit, as great as he is. But I could be wrong. Your offer should be plenty.
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