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  1. It's not all there collectively, no. They're hanging in there without Hughes though, but not tonight. This is as bad as the Anaheim game. Rough.
  2. I forgot to mention that Blackwood has played well and that goaltending in general seems to be pretty good.
  3. I can't prove why you look at this team so negatively, but let's start with the players you mentioned, Mercer and Hamilton, a defensemen who has been every bit the star we thought we might get when he was signed. Graves is a good player, too. They are a big reason why the Devils are treading water without Jack Hughes. Jimmy Vesey has been a good pickup, too. The GM seems to have done very well so far in trades and free agency. What about the emergence of Pavel Zacha as a top 6 forward? I take it you don't believe Hughes will be an NHL star. He looks the part to me ... but I can't prove he'll do it. I think he will, though. The foundation is there but there are pieces missing. Take some kaopectate and have some more patience.
  4. It doesn't seem as dark as you say but tonight is kind of a drag so far. I wouldn't call the Rangers a lock for the playoffs, although they are playing well.
  5. Eating at Park Seafood in my Jersey jersey. I can see it, too.
  6. I think the kid has earned himself another start.
  7. Yes, absolutely. But like I said, I think the leash will be long because of how important a player he is in the Devils organization. He needs to play and he may need to take some lumps at the NHL level. That is certainly what is happening now, as he is not playing with poise or confidence. There are a couple ways to fix this, and one way is to demote him and let him regain his confidence against lesser competition. Or, he could take his lumps, figure it out up here, and reap the benefits of doing that if he succeeds.
  8. Some guys are a step ahead and see things others don't and can do things others can't. They're the star players. I think it's OK to get excited, I mean, I certainly believe what I'm seeing. Not to say there won't be a slump somewhere along the way. There might be.
  9. Agree, but I don't think his spot is in immediate jeopardy and that he will be allowed to play his way out of it. There may come a point where he will be a healthy scratch or sent Utica but I believe Ruff will be patient.
  10. Did Daneyko or Cangialosi explain why that puck is onsides? I must have missed it. Bring in Bryce Salvador.
  11. I've blocked out those years, I don't remember them. It is odd that a player so skilled had an aversion to doing shootouts.
  12. I remember the Rangers not putting Jaromir Jagr in their top 3 shootout lineup because he struggled with it. He was actually glad not to take them because teammates were better at shootouts.
  13. Nice! The only thing that would have been better was if Subban scored it.
  14. Think so? He'll probably get at least one more year but the number of points this team gives up is shocking.
  15. The day Marchand gets inducted into the Hall of Fame is going to be a very hard day for you. Send me your address, I'll send you a bouquet.
  16. He also works very hard at what he does and is a premier penalty killer as well as scorer. Of course, I don't like the cheap shots, but pests play on the edge, and sometimes they cross the line. I've always liked what the pest brings to hockey. I do like that there are guys willing to don the black hat. It makes things colorful. The licking was gross, though.
  17. I think that's a yes on both sides, that's my initial reaction.
  18. I think Tyce Thompson has a future as an effective third liner in the NHL.
  19. I sure don't love Brad Marchand against us but I love the player. One of the most unique talents in the NHL ... ever. Who can you compare him to? I can't think of anyone. Stan Fischler compared him to Ted Lindsay, but I'm not old enough to remember his playing days.
  20. He's had a handful of games where he had no points and still made an impact in a positive way.
  21. I like the movie and I like Roger Rabbit dancing, too.
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