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  1. Yeah, what he said was thoughtless and lacked self-awareness. You could argue he shouldn't be captain, I still think it's too harsh a position because he doesn't seem to be negligent like Quenneville and the Blackhawks brass were.
  2. Gunslinger! Brett was a great player but probably a cut below the three players you mention. That's no insult, though. Those three QBs are all-time greats. I recall some comparisons to Brett Favre when Sam Darnold was drafted. That has not come to fruition.
  3. I'm not trashing them. The "strip the C" stuff is a gross overreaction. I'd be exalting the player who stood up for Kyle Beach, though. That would be an exceptional person.
  4. Yeah, doing the right thing takes guts. You're just not going to find many people who will take that kind of risk. There's no Cup parade for that person, if you know what I mean.
  5. That's right, that's essentially what happened. Why didn't any brave individuals break rank?
  6. What did Quenneville reportedly say? No distractions? That's a big wet blanket on doing the right thing, isn't it? Sometimes, the coach is right when he wants to tamp down something for the good of his team. Sometimes, the coach is wrong. And the coach was wrong on Kyle Beach, obviously. But when you're trying to win the franchise's first championship in 50 years, you could see how it would be easy to sweep aside what happened to a player who was not essential to winning a Cup. My point is that people are flawed. Quenneville is a great coach. Toews is a great captain. They led teams to championships. They are not empathizers, however, I think we've all seen that, LOL! There's a reason why Ken Daneyko looks like a deer in the headlights when people are talking about this. It's not in his wheelhouse. As wrong as people have acted, I would advise holding back on what you would be willing to throw away for the sake of protecting victims. Things can go too far in the other direction. That's my worry. Please, NHL, do what it takes to make sure people like Aldrich don't get hired. But when I see Jonathan Toews get thrown into the woodchipper for a selfish comment and his lack of self-awareness, it's a little overboard.
  7. It’s the same culture in which Scott Stevens laid out Slava Kozlov and mouthed “you’re next” to the Red Wings bench. It’s the same culture in which Stevens led the Devils to a championship playing with post-concussion syndrome. It is truly a culture that cuts both ways. It produces heroes, it produces cowards.
  8. The culture that hurt Beach also makes good hockey teams. Life is cruel like that. It would have taken a special person to disrupt a Stanley Cup run to do the right thing. There are not a lot of special people in the world.
  9. I agree, it would make them look worse. I get the feeling they would bail in search of a fresh start. The Blackhawks are bad AND tainted now. It's going to be a miserable place to play.
  10. Anybody get the feeling that Toews and/or Kane would waive no-movement clauses to get out of town?
  11. The criticism of Kane and Toews is overkill but criticism of anyone in authority in 2010 is fair game. People are understandably angry but to jump down these players’ throats for voicing support for the GM, with whom they have a relationship, is purity spiraling at its worst. It’s typical Twitter stuff. If I were advising those players, I’d advise them not to say anything, because anything they say will be turned against them by the Twitter brigade. Justice is not erasing names off the Cup. Is justice Quenneville losing his job in Florida? I think it is.
  12. The first name that came to mind in comparison was Andrew Cassels (even though Cassels was a much higher pick.) Good playmaker on bad teams, not a good defensive player. Cassels was a center, though, and Bratt is a winger. Maybe Ales Hemsky? However, I can see Bratt going to Pittsburgh and going all Martin Straka on us.
  13. Yep, some patience is a good thing here, no need to write him off in October.
  14. I think that's a pretty fair assessment. If he's not getting you points, he's giving you little else.
  15. Well, Bratt did get benched. So his coach wasn't pleased either. Maybe we shouldn't be ready to kick him out the door yet, but the kick in the ass is warranted.
  16. I wouldn't rule out an outright release at some point this season. I don't see much downside to doing it.
  17. When he got the motor going last year, he sure was fun to watch. Not a superstar or anything, but he looked like a potential piece of the puzzle. Right now, he's just a puzzle.
  18. It sure has looked that way.
  19. I think you're right about Kuokkanen but every now and then his playmaking abilities pop up. I don't think there's anything really wrong with him but a different question perhaps is should we be icing a team with Bratt, Johnsson AND Kuokkanen in the same lineup? I think maybe not. Just watching this team, I don't like the mix of players. But I could be wrong. I thought Zajac was washed up last year, then all of a sudden he came to life paired with Kuokkanen and ... was it Yegor? I think it was. Yegor can shoot the puck and make plays. But he can't be taking shifts off. That disturbs me, that he's not playing with jump. Thankfully Lindy benched him, he deserved it.
  20. Doesn't Tomas Tatar look every bit the player who was healthy scratched for most of the Canadiens' playoff run? It's early, though.
  21. He responded well to getting benched, too. He was not invisible in the third period, and he's been invisible a lot.
  22. McLeod has played his role pretty well especially at the faceoff dot, but you pretty much nailed it.
  23. Tkachuk had some time to shoot there.
  24. Good to see him respond well to getting benched. Bratt needs to take the next step or his career is going to fizzle.
  25. I'm glad we have some more organizational depth now to put pressure on players to perform. Today I'm thinking about Miles Wood, hoping he can come back soon and give us a little grit and some goal scoring. I also hope Tyce Thompson improves and gets another shot. We need "big heart" guys who can play, too. And of course there's Holtz in the waiting.
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