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  1. When we play the Wild later this month, they won't have Kaprizov. https://www.nhl.com/news/wild-kaprizov-out-3-4-weeks-lower-body-injury/c-342025930
  2. It's too bad, defensively we were good the whole period until then.
  3. That line skated well. I thought Jack was good, too.
  4. We look good. Hopefully a goal is coming.
  5. I hear you, but I'm intrigued with the idea of sticking Boqvist with Hughes and Meier. It's a great opportunity for Boqvist, who's really been playing well. Hope it works out.
  6. It's as if they were all channeling Dale Hunter.
  7. Isn't it best to load up the first unit, which gets most of the ice time?
  8. Boqvist can skate and has some slick moves. Glad the Devils paid for Ondrej Palat.
  9. It bears watching, that's for sure.
  10. To be honest, the ice seemed great from my living room sofa. It didn’t appear to be soft at all. I didn’t hear any comments from our players about it either way. That’s a nice little arena.
  11. For sure. That whole line was effective again. Mercer and Tatar were good.
  12. If and when (I shouldn’t even say if) Hughes-Bratt-Meier starts clicking, we are going to be hard to deal with. We kinda already are hard to deal with. Palat was our best forward tonight, I thought, playing on the third line.
  13. Is the ice surface bigger at this arena than the usual NHL surface? Seems like there's lots of room to skate out there.
  14. I just found "Lazar-level" to be funny. I acknowledge a laugh-out-loud inducing comment. Like someone mentioned, I could see Wood sitting for Lazar because Wood can be a train wreck on the ice at times.
  15. Lazar sounds like Jay Pandolfo except without Jay's scoring ability.
  16. Welcome aboard, Curtis, LMAO.
  17. I don't think even he can spin that turnover-fest by the Rangers. Maybe he'll say the Rangers were shorthanded on defense?
  18. I find this to be the case as well.
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