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  1. When you consider that Luke Hughes could be here for the 2023-24 season, I think it would be a good idea to trade Severson while his value is high and address a need, if it makes sense.
  2. I liked Studenic, to me he passed the eye test as far as skating ability and defensive ability. He also was decent at getting chances but he was not blessed as a finisher. Still, I thought he was better than Vesey.
  3. Should a player like Severson be on the block to try to trade for a goaltender? One of the persistent issues for the Devils (besides bad goaltending) is the failure to clear the zone when the simple play presents itself. Daneyko brings it up all the time. It happened again last night and it led to a Rangers PP goal. I tend to lay the blame on the head coach for this. That being said, the Devil penalty killing has made a big turnaround, so Nasreddine gets some credit for that, I would think.
  4. This has not been a good three-game stretch, but the name "Pat Myaz" has managed to put a smile on my face.
  5. Darren Pang called Ty Smith "a fine young defenseman," or something along those lines. He sees something.
  6. This was the first game I have attended in two years. What a doozy. That third period was hilariously bad.
  7. Correction. That was the second goal where no Devil was in the middle of the ice, just when the goalie gives up as fat of a rebound that you'll ever see. Yikes.
  8. That was a heck of a first period, though, huh? Miles Wood causing problems, two fights, a Jack Hughes impossible goal. I don't want to get on Nico Hischier too much because he's been playing well, but he watched DeBrusk put in a rebound for that third goal. I was astounded that he did not skate at all. It was all downhill from there.
  9. I got my jerseys in the Big Smoke, yeah that's it.
  10. I guess I am disrespecting him a little. Personally, I put MacLean, Claude Lemieux, McKay, Driver, Holik and Madden ahead of him because they were more important players who played in NJ for a long time. I put Brylin on the Colin White and Jay Pandolfo level.
  11. I feel great for the kid, too. He helped win us a game that we shouldn't have won. The Ducks forced a lot of turnovers in our zone, and there were a few unforced errors, too. It's fun to see a player seize a chance, hopefully it's more than a flash in the pan.
  12. He's creeping up on minus-50 in 3 seasons as a Devil.
  13. I like PK better on his stretch passes than his slapshot.
  14. Yeah, he has an opportunity to grab here, for sure, and he seems capable. He has a pretty good shot and he doesn't need a lot of time and space to get it off. He's got a good motor, too, lately.
  15. Off, but not invisible. Early in the season, I sometimes wondered if #17 was even out on the ice. Yes, he flubbed a couple last night. But it was not enough for me to call for his demotion to Utica, which is where he seemed to be headed in the fall.
  16. It's doubtful Johnsson will be back. He's not that much better than what a call-up would be. Subban would have to try out to make a team next season. I think he'll opt for a TV studio job.
  17. Among the forwards, I thought two of our whipping boys, Zacha and Johnsson, played pretty well tonight, and the 4th line had a couple of monster shifts. I thought Yegor played well, too.
  18. This Jets defense has a lot of holes in it, Devs need to take advantage.
  19. Chances often die on his stick, it's true.
  20. Pavel Zacha ate his Wheaties today.
  21. You're right, it's not a move every player can make. Claude Giroux made the change a few years ago. Trevor Linden played wing and center. Both those players are/were good two-way players, so maybe it's a move that's easier for strong defensive players.
  22. And that includes our rookie center who is now playing wing. That's working out well.
  23. He gets plenty of chances, doesn't he? Unfortunately, scoring opportunities die on his stick.
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