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  1. Yeah, Jay was a scorer in college. LOL!
  2. When I read the title of this thread, I though the suggestion was going to be giving Danton more of an offensive role. It's not a horrible idea, considering Pandolfo's on the PP unit.
  3. Jerrydevil

    Quick Humor

    There are plenty of New Jersey-based companies that could get in on the naming rights. Someone mentioned Prudential and, of course, Continental Airlines. How about the Avis Center? Avis and the New Jersey Devils......we try harder. B) I like Lo-Jack Arena, that's good. LOL!
  4. Jerrydevil

    Ranger Mess

    Careful, Devil Dog. When Holik gets the hat trick against the Devils in his first game, you'll have egg on your face.
  5. I never got the impression that any posters hated Claude Lemieux in reading this thread. I only got the impression that a lot of opposing players hated him. I am a HUGE Claude Lemieux supporter, love the way he plays. I don't have the exact quote, but Lemieux said from the moment his career started, he knew he'd never be the player cheered by fans around the league. We have a guy who went to the Lemieux school, Mike Danton. I'm hoping Danton can do some good things for us, too -- be hated around the league and liked by Devil fans. Just relax, and enjoy the Kool-Aid once in a while, Mike.
  6. And here's one of Scott Stevens' not-so-nice ones to alcoholic Brant Myrrhes: "Why don't you have another beer."
  7. How can we forget this one, by Matthew Barnaby, about Lyle Odelein. "Planet of the Apes. Look at him. He looks like Cornelius."
  8. Here's a Scott Stevens classic about Fleury: "It's best just to stay away from him cause he's just going to flop and dive. He's not going to hurt me. My daughter weighs more than he does."
  9. NF, I KNOW Bobby Holik's had better quotes than that! "Let me put it this way, Al, I can sleep at night." Rock, that Madden quote is priceless.
  10. That Lemieux one is real good. How about Gretzky calling the Devils a "Mickey Mouse organization."
  11. "I'm not drinking any more of Lou's Kool-Aid" is one of the best quotes associated with this team I have ever heard, not far from "Have another doughnut" by Jim Schoenfeld. If any of you could come up with some others, I think it would make for a fun thread.
  12. SC Devs Fan, Last night, I was saying to my wife the same thing you wrote. Watching the Devils can be boring. It'd be nice to see more wide-open play. However, I am impressed with the way NJ plays defense. The Devils shut down a team that has a pretty good offense AND they did not take a lot of penalties. I know it's the Thrashers, but the Devils were extremely disciplined, which was nice to see.....but maybe not fun to watch!
  13. I know we didn't win anything with Doug Gilmour in the lineup, but I was psyched when Lou traded for him. At the time, it was considered to be a move that made the team a favorite to make the finals, but Gilmour's injuries combined with the ineptitude of the rest of our offense in the playoffs (Gilmour was practically our only good offensive player versus Ottawa in 1998) hurt NJ. In retrospect, it didn't work out, but there's no way I call the Gilmour deal a bad trade. Steve Sullivan has turned out to be a good player, but you don't get players like Gilmour for free. We needed a player like Gilmour at the time. We could probably use him now if he was five to seven years younger!
  14. If you take into account our anemic offense and their Swiss-cheese defense, the game might be pretty even. LMAO! Plus, they'll have the Thrasher faithful pulling for the team's first win. Do the Thrashers draw better than us?
  15. Diablo and NJDF, well said. His agent sure ain't helping either.
  16. I would not be surprised if he is dealt, but I really hope things can work out and he stays and contributes. He may not be a guy who's easy to root for, but I like the way he plays the game.
  17. Jerrydevil

    Home Sweet Home

    I don't know who needs more psychological help, Pepperkorn or Ally. LOL!
  18. Terrible, Mr. Quotes, terrible. The schedule makers stink.
  19. GetReal, I think you're selling Joe Nieuwendyk way short. And I'm not giving up on Friesen, it's way too early. Admittedly, there could be some scoring problems that Lou needs to address via trade, but I am open to being pleasantly surprised by the players we have. "Try not to try too hard, it's just a lovely ride." -- James Taylor
  20. I think it's unrealistic to land Kovalev, not from Pittsburgh's perspective, but ours. We won't take a chance that he'll go somewhere else after trading valuable players for him. We have the chips to get him, no question about it. Don't you think the Pens would listen to a deal involving, say, Brian Rafalski and Brian Gionta? They certainly would.
  21. Blackjack, how about this: Pavel Bure, $10 million. Bobby Holik, $9 million. Brian Leetch, $8 million. Hearing Ranger fans boo in October, priceless.
  22. Morrison is a good one......forgot about him. What a tool!
  23. 7, that's the one I was looking for! Odelein is second on my list. He made me cringe.
  24. As a Devil fan, I know I should probably despise Holik now, but I was such a fan of his while he was in NJ, that's it's hard to put all that behind now. When Holik comes to play in the Meadowlands for the first time as a Ranger, I expect my memory to be shorter though!
  25. Don't need a reason, GA Devil. Just go with you gut! Carved my heart out with a spoon.......love that imagery, Blackjack!
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