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  1. I was at the 2002 game. For me, the 1999 Game 7 loss to the Penguins in the first round was a very bitter pill to swallow, and the guy who threw his jersey on the ice after the game felt the same way. Three years in a row as a #1 seed, and one playoff series win to show for it.
  2. He can be a lot better, but he's drawing penalties as well as taking them. He's also wearing the villain hat quite well as far as the Rangers and their fans are concerned, ala Claude Lemieux. Now let's get some clutch goals to go along with that!
  3. I can't imagine a game being more tightly checked than this. And the Devils had the fresh legs at the end.
  4. I don't know if anyone said it already but f Jon Hamm.
  5. I'm gonna add Dougie Hamilton. Not very dangerous.
  6. I'm starting to lose my patience with Timo Meier.
  7. Excellent point. It’s damning, really, that the team cannot generate the attack they have been able to all season.
  8. I thought it, you memed it. Nice work.
  9. That 2006 loss was hard to take because of how hard it crashed. We didn't choke it away but personally, I found it harder to accept than the 2009 Game 7 debacle.
  10. They’re both bad! Nic Wallin, Eric Staal, pick your poison. Staal killed us both years.
  11. Yes, I'll get my extra alcohol from a Belgian brew like Allagash White.
  12. It's a good bet that Schmid is in for Game 3.
  13. No, you nailed it. Will we win a game like the Mets did?
  14. You gotta admit. The guy plays with men. You could take that a couple different ways, I guess! But what I mean is that the Rangers are men. The Devils are boys. It hurts to see it.
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