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  1. Chances often die on his stick, it's true.
  2. Pavel Zacha ate his Wheaties today.
  3. You're right, it's not a move every player can make. Claude Giroux made the change a few years ago. Trevor Linden played wing and center. Both those players are/were good two-way players, so maybe it's a move that's easier for strong defensive players.
  4. And that includes our rookie center who is now playing wing. That's working out well.
  5. He gets plenty of chances, doesn't he? Unfortunately, scoring opportunities die on his stick.
  6. He's been playing pretty well for the most part.
  7. Not only did Cincinnati put a scare into the Rams, they had this game in their hands, and didn't execute at key times. The officiating hurt Cincinnati on the final LA drive (weak defensive holding call, bad personal foul call on what was a good hit). But the Bengals did get that break on a TD that should have been offensive pass interference to start the second half.
  8. He hasn't won a championship but the regular season record is good. He did a good job with the Coyotes. He's perfect for a team with modest expectations.
  9. The way I see it, Dave Tippett should be on our list if Ruff gets dismissed. Anybody have thoughts on that?
  10. It sure was. As for Marchand's temper, has he tried goosfraba? He needs to do something. I read somewhere that Jarry trash-talked him but that it wasn't anything too extraordinary.
  11. I would have liked to see a line brawl there.
  12. I want Brad Marchand, can we get him for cheap now?
  13. They don't. As many have pointed out, the Oilers haven't been able to capitalize on it with a deep playoff run. They have a different frustration than we do.
  14. I see the Senators have a Mark Kastelic. I remember his dad, Ed Kastelic, who was an enforcer with the Whalers in the late 80s and early 90s before Jim McKenzie got the enforcer job in Hartford.
  15. Teams need good veterans. We don't have enough of them, not by a long shot. One of our veterans was a playoff scratch for Montreal last season. Another one has been making the same mistakes on defense for many years now. And then there's PK Subban, who is extraordinarily ordinary. We don't get good play from veterans never mind the leadership that's sorely needed from vets.
  16. And, Brady took less money for his Patriot contracts in the 2010s, which gave the team cap flexibility. Not every star QB does that.
  17. I think they're the better team, and they just slayed the favorite. Joe Burrow!
  18. Yeah, we need to close that goal differential somehow! Score more goals or give up fewer, preferably both.
  19. I'm in favor of playing Mercer on the wing, just to try that.
  20. Two power play goals is nothing to sneeze at on this squad!
  21. There hasn't been a whole lot to cheer about this season, but Nathan Bastian is making the most of his second chance here. Nice to see.
  22. It'd be nice to see Mercer get out of the slump he's in. He's been having a tough time.
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