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  1. I saw that the New York Times is buying The Athletic.
  2. Ullmark has a substantial deal so you're probably right. Is Swayman a player worth trying to acquire? I can't help but think Boston will deal a goalie to get forward help. We could be a good match for a trade.
  3. If Tuukka Rask returns to the Bruins, that probably leaves Linus Ullmark as the odd man out.
  4. Would have been awesome in 1985. Unfortunately it's 2022. Regarding Tortorella, I think he should be considered. More often than not, he got his good players to play consistently well. He helped make Vincent Lecavalier a better player. Things were pretty rocky between the two of them in the beginning. Tortorella benched him for poor defensive play. You want a coach who's not afraid to do that. And you can't be afraid that a tough coach is going to break Jack Hughes or Jesper Bratt like they're china or something. Lecavalier and the Lightning is just one example. In Columbus, Atkinson and others bought into Tortorella's style. And they had success, certainly more than what we've had.
  5. Yeah the two softies prior were bad enough, that last one really didn't matter much anyway. And the giveaway yesterday .... yikes. It's tough to see him play so badly. I don't think he's better than any NHL starting goalie right now. He's definitely in the bottom quarter.
  6. Cangelosi calling it an empty net goal by mistake, hahaha! Just a brutal game by Blackwood. Three softies, it's just too hard to overcome.
  7. Not much resistance there. Great power move by Pastrnak but that was too easy.
  8. The poet Meatloaf said that very thing.
  9. I think we need to stay on an even keel regarding Severson. A bad penalty could be moments away. He's on a good streak now, for sure.
  10. Right call to go for it with Tampa needing to go 90-plus yards and no timeouts if the Jets don't make it. A QB sneak is a head-scratcher of a play. Still your defense needs to hold there. That's the worst part.
  11. That’s a nicely designed chart that’s fun to read. I can’t find the Coyotes.
  12. They really should play 3-on-3 until someone scores.
  13. That was goofy but a better result than giving this team a power play down a goal.
  14. It was close. The penalty was called right when Hamilton dove to clear.
  15. This Edmonton team looks like the Devils often do. Turnovers and poor defense.
  16. You're an a$$hole and MB3 is an a$$hole for calling Blackwood an anti-vax loser. a$$holery not tolerated.
  17. Defense seems to be an issue. That's my analysis.
  18. That’s terrible. I had bought tickets to the Canadiens game on the 23rd, which was postponed, and now I won’t be taking my kids because of the vax rule. Hope I can get a full refund.
  19. I would love nothing better than to see Fitz rewarded for his loyalty with players and a coaching staff that turn around the ship on their own. I share your skepticism, though. Based on Fitz's comments (reading between the lines), if this thing does not get turned around with the current group, he seems to be more apt to shake up the team with a trade than firing coaches.
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