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  1. This Edmonton team looks like the Devils often do. Turnovers and poor defense.
  2. You're an a$$hole and MB3 is an a$$hole for calling Blackwood an anti-vax loser. a$$holery not tolerated.
  3. Defense seems to be an issue. That's my analysis.
  4. That’s terrible. I had bought tickets to the Canadiens game on the 23rd, which was postponed, and now I won’t be taking my kids because of the vax rule. Hope I can get a full refund.
  5. I would love nothing better than to see Fitz rewarded for his loyalty with players and a coaching staff that turn around the ship on their own. I share your skepticism, though. Based on Fitz's comments (reading between the lines), if this thing does not get turned around with the current group, he seems to be more apt to shake up the team with a trade than firing coaches.
  6. Indeed. I liked the way the team played on Sunday night, besides the mistakes that Pittsburgh capitalized on. I DVR'd the game and was not fast forwarding through it, which is a usual thing lately. It was a fun game to watch, with the Devils playing with jump, providing puck support and even throwing some hits. This needs to become the norm, not the exception.
  7. If the Devils regularly played with the energy they played with last night, the team wouldn’t be swirling the drain. As infuriating as the mistakes are, the lackluster hockey is worse.
  8. I will watch this game out of morbid curiosity.
  9. You know why! It's because fans don't want to hear it. They see the bottom line -- losing -- and everything else is moot. I get what you're saying. It's the truth that McLeod's line played well. But if the past is a predictor, the next game the Devils will spring a leak in the fourth line and Jack's line will look good. Lindy cannot get the most out of role players and he cannot get his best players to play consistently. Sounds like a job for John Tortorella to me, if he still has the drive that made him a great head coach. This is a squad that needs some tough love.
  10. I’m putting 21 stripes on my paper bag.
  11. It’s hard to know what to say anymore. Hence the argument about the effectiveness of booing. Next up: Paper bag on head. Will management notice?
  12. He does! And he used to be a coach who got a lot out of teams that weren't exactly loaded with the league's best talent.
  13. Lindy Ruff has had an excellent coaching career, but I can't help but wonder if he's just not up for this anymore.
  14. I'd like someone to ask John Tortorella if he agrees with that statement, that the Devils gave it everything they had. I just didn't get that impression.
  15. Too many passengers. The Devils just don't play hard enough. It's not a good sign that you start hitting the other team only right after your best player gets decked late in the third period. That's a team that "doesn't know how to win."
  16. I don't like Larry Brooks but I'd roll out the red carpet for him to cover this team now. The Devils are so nonphysical that Cangy and Dano are talking about Vesey's hit on Whitecloud as some kind of seminal moment. These guys are enablers.
  17. Feeding the fans' rage, LOL. Erica has it off to a flying start. I wonder what Amanda Stein is thinking?
  18. They really showed some fire in the last 40 seconds.
  19. He lost a bit on that stiffy after the goal was waved off. He is an emotional roller coaster in this game.
  20. Kenny is really unbearable at this point. The man has no self-awareness with his effusive praise.
  21. If we get it to the shootout, we'll be golden.
  22. Kenny Daneyko is determined to lift this team up someway, somehow.
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