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  1. They really showed some fire in the last 40 seconds.
  2. He lost a bit on that stiffy after the goal was waved off. He is an emotional roller coaster in this game.
  3. Kenny is really unbearable at this point. The man has no self-awareness with his effusive praise.
  4. If we get it to the shootout, we'll be golden.
  5. Kenny Daneyko is determined to lift this team up someway, somehow.
  6. We made a couple good defensive plays on that power play.
  7. We're gonna need Clark Gillies for that.
  8. He wouldn't be the first top pick to have a good not great career, which is where he seems to be headed. There have been so many NHL guys in this boat over the years. (They might not have been paid a $7 million salary, though.) The first guy that comes to my mind is Radek Bonk. There's a bunch of others though. David Legwand.
  9. I'd like a team that could play both styles.
  10. There's some dead weight there, there's a lot of guys not scoring, too many. Kuokkanen looks to be a fill-in guy, but I'm not quite ready to write off the other guys yet. McLeod is a frustrating player. There's a role for him in this league. He wins a ton of faceoffs, but he needs to do more to be a catalyst physically. I think he's capable but maybe he isn't ... or maybe the coach hasn't lit a fire under him? We are just dying for for a spark plug player to give us a lift every now and then. The team is lifeless. Then again it just may be that the terrible power play makes everything else seem darker than it is.
  11. I believe there's enough talent to be competing for a playoff spot. What the Devils are going through right now is not a talent problem, that's my take. I see a team begging for a bad cop for a coach. It's always a good time for a dad joke.
  12. There are exceptions but it's hard to make an impact in today's NHL without being a good skater. Maybe he can get better at that.
  13. I hope Nolan Foote is developing because there's a need for a player like him.
  14. Without a good power play, things are so much more difficult. The Devils' lack of a physical presence also was a factor is this game. And Saros outplayed Mackenzie. Zacha loves that crossbar, doesn't he? At least he finally got one, he played well.
  15. I don't mind the jerseys but I like your post. There's a lot of fluff emanating from the Devils organization. It's very annoying ... and very gay to be quite honest. Chuck the Duck is a great handle! I just picture that cigar hanging out of that duck's mouth. So ridiculous. Good memories, though. Stan and Matt Loughlin were a little nutty.
  16. I saw it in 1999 after the 8th seeded Penguins eliminated the Devils in Game 7 in the first round. Top seed squandered for the third straight year. Jersey thrown on ice, I remember like it was yesterday.
  17. We had a pretty good goalie coach not that long ago. I wonder if we miss Roland Melanson.
  18. I want to push back against this but I don't think I can. We're kicking ass on Twitter and Instagram though. Lou never could have made that happen. The players and coaches are good at answering Amanda Stein's softball questions, too. So it's not all terrible.
  19. I sometimes listen to Matt and Chico. They are a little more critical. Chico is generally a positive person but he will call out uninspired play and mistakes.
  20. I think sometimes I am guilty of picturing what Lou Lamoriello would do even though Lou is no longer in charge. This team is ripe for change via trade or coach or both. Lou wasn't afraid to make a big deal to alter a team. We also know he wasn't afraid to can a coach. I still think about how late he fired Julien and Ftorek. Wild stuff.
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