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  1. Funny, after that game I was thinking that if the Devils were playing a good team, it would have been a 5-2 loss. I don't know if it has been mentioned in this thread, but Blackwood was terrible in the shootout. So slow to react.
  2. Regarding the trivia question, the Senators were 2-20-1 when the Devils lost to them in 1992.
  3. True. I'm still glad it wasn't us who signed Palmieri to a 4 year deal.
  4. Kyle Palmieri, 1 goal in 20 games. We have our share of problems, but this particular one isn't our problem anymore. I think Zach Parise has yet to score a goal.
  5. I had Ty Smith as most disappointing because the Devils need him to be capable to be a playoff contender, and he's very far from capable.
  6. It's hard not to think that based on we've seen so far.
  7. I'm hearing that, too. He hasn't played with grit since 2019. Why is that? I think the Bruins might ask for Bratt or Zacha to add more skill. Maybe they would settle for Tatar and McLeod. It's also a red flag that DeBrusk's mother is defending her son on Twitter. That's just bonkers.
  8. I can't agree more with this opinion. The onus is on Fitz to not let a losing streak spiral into a season swirling the drain. Does that mean firing coaches? Maybe. Or, a trade can be made to diversify the forwards on this team and shake things up. Jake DeBrusk has asked the Bruins to trade him. Fitz could determine if he'd fit in here and maybe inquire what the price is.
  9. He's missed, as a goal scorer and a competitor. I hope he can recover from his injury and still be an effective player. I know the game has changed from 20 years ago, but I can't help but think we need a little bit more size and strength if not snarl.
  10. Hard to kill Siegenthaler for not having a mean streak, he fits right in with almost everyone else on the team. We don't have any nasty SOBs who take a regular shift. PK throws a nasty slew foot once in a while.
  11. I don't disagree with that. We had quite a few players swallowed up in this game. Hischier and Zacha made no impact whatsoever. The Devils got worked, and the Wild badly exposed the weak areas on this team. Just not good and deep enough on the backline, not good enough on the forecheck. Blackwood needed to steal this one for the Devils to win ... and he didn't.
  12. This Minnesota team gives you no room at all. Relentless. This is one of the best teams I've seen this season.
  13. It's nice that the team is using their speed to pressure players now, as ragged as it looks at times. The PK was too passive last year, and it just didn't work at all. With Jack and Dougie on the ice together on the PP, I'm expecting good things. It sure is bad now, like you say.
  14. The body of work ain't great, but the penalty killing is better and Siegenthaler's steady play is a nice surprise. With Jack back, the PP has to get better, I mean .... right? I sure hope so.
  15. He's that "200 foot player" teams want. He's great at reading the play, and he has the skill to turn it into a scoring chance or to win possession. Dawson Mercer at center has those traits, too.
  16. This discussion comes up every year. If you're in a race, you hang onto players unless you're trading him for another player who helps now. A general manager owes that to all the other players on the team. If the Devils are chasing a wild card in the late winter, we're gonna trade Subban for a 4th round pick? I don't think that's good management.
  17. Blackwood going for the Randy Johnson look. I will use this time to segue to Erica's hair tonight. Outstanding.
  18. Was your hair more like Chris Simon or more like Jagr?
  19. It's not all there collectively, no. They're hanging in there without Hughes though, but not tonight. This is as bad as the Anaheim game. Rough.
  20. I forgot to mention that Blackwood has played well and that goaltending in general seems to be pretty good.
  21. I can't prove why you look at this team so negatively, but let's start with the players you mentioned, Mercer and Hamilton, a defensemen who has been every bit the star we thought we might get when he was signed. Graves is a good player, too. They are a big reason why the Devils are treading water without Jack Hughes. Jimmy Vesey has been a good pickup, too. The GM seems to have done very well so far in trades and free agency. What about the emergence of Pavel Zacha as a top 6 forward? I take it you don't believe Hughes will be an NHL star. He looks the part to me ... but I can't prove he'll do it. I think he will, though. The foundation is there but there are pieces missing. Take some kaopectate and have some more patience.
  22. It doesn't seem as dark as you say but tonight is kind of a drag so far. I wouldn't call the Rangers a lock for the playoffs, although they are playing well.
  23. Eating at Park Seafood in my Jersey jersey. I can see it, too.
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