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  1. jacks first goal opened up the scoring; a nice skate turn and shoot like jagr
  2. #7 looks legit, without him pretty meh period edit: jitters
  3. i called tyce thompson but didnt know he was injured; i like his game and think hes one of the kids coming up.
  4. any articles explaining why the power went out? oh no? oh ok. cause thats a problem also @MB3 just curious if your wife got the shot, you dont have to answer, i guess i assume yes.
  5. look up pse&g power outage map then lol
  6. i can see lou saying were not playing if blackwood is, you know what were not playing at all. but thats it for me just speculating.
  7. is this at all connected to blackwood being out? im saying blackwood is out AND the game is cancelled; no connection?
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