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  1. i would be looking at martys connection to st louis for possible trades. not sure if anything is available but thats how it works and why you get a bunch of penguins on the devils. possibly more ex penguins to.
  2. how can anyone call out lou when he has shown success after moving on from the devils?
  3. You would think if the devils let anyone go, it would be this week, no? It must feel like freedom to devils players now to start their summer.
  4. Good 5 on 5 so far Let them play Even bratt on the most improved top 5 Edit: And wood obviously
  5. I missed the part where devils owners have proven themselves. Its like devils fans making fun of the sabres. Everyone has potential for hope lol
  6. Would be nice to show the isles whats up now.
  7. One thing is true is ryan murrey has to be done here
  8. Dont know why but im so stoked thers a game today. Oh and Zachaah echo echo LGD
  9. does this mean subban should be in, i guess edit: guess not
  10. wedgewood in net and some guy named anthony greer 1st game of last back to back home games for the season.
  11. The Devils are 3-2-1 against the Flyers overall on the season series. "I would think that Philly is going to bring their A Game after losing in our building," Ruff said. "It will be a tougher game." The Flyers have allowed the first goal in each of their past nine games The Devils power play has scored on four of its past six opportunities. not sure if i have to link my source @samikasan https://www.instagram.com/dasha_gero/ LGD
  12. Im looking at it like full speed try out/ practice/ clinic vs a semi decent pro veteran team
  13. Foote bahl I knew they were going to win last game so whoever made the last gdt thanks, just throwing this one up. Edit: and its my birthday coming up so yeah
  14. Then come in the new owners and its been a sh!t show ever since.
  15. I saw nico scored so fuk right Re edit: Does anyone have vid of hughes' tantrum?
  16. $5,000 For The First 7 People to DM me “HELP”
  17. True, by give up i meant thats all they got but, yeah they dont give up.
  18. Severson is a poor skater imo but its debatable but just throwing out there
  19. There gonna try something new, get frustrated, get one or two, give up If thats enough to win than lgd
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