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  1. this all depends on if jack can stay healthy; you have your answer.
  2. is #17 on the bench edit nvm
  3. his whole shift had good pressure wtf pavel is grinding
  4. i can see that,; happens often.
  5. i for one hope we dont pay hughes boukou bucks
  6. sharangovich is the next gusev, convince me im wrong
  7. somebody shut the power off, sharangovich
  8. devils built a team around hughes. better to find this out now than later.
  9. bones take 3 months to heal as a rule dislocated shoulder would be best news still, fvck
  10. no, youre worried about what you did to it and trying to not make it worse...punching kicking could worsen wtv injury. either way, i dont mind saying i called this.
  11. honestly, you dont get angry when youre really injured.
  12. that johnsson mercer tatar line will be fire lgd
  13. jacks first goal opened up the scoring; a nice skate turn and shoot like jagr
  14. #7 looks legit, without him pretty meh period edit: jitters
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