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  1. Im hoping for a big 3rd from the EGG people,we need it.And ill take a bounce or 2.
  3. I didnt find it that funny. Saw him interviewed and he came off like a punk a**hole.I think they should let the ump pull the diamond studs out of his ears with a pair of pliers
  4. http://www.power-play-designs.tk/
  5. After not really showing up for game 1 and not accepting the gift that was game 2 i dont think this team can pull it off.Theyre just not as talented as some previous teams to climb out of this hole. Ill be yelling and screaming for em.......but i gotta say i think the seies was probably lost in game 2.
  6. My fave is a devs Lamirello jersey with a $ sign where the number would go.Owned by the proprietor of Flynns tavern in chatham btw.
  7. swampdevil

    Devils Win!

    HOW SWEEP IT IS!!! The LAST thing the rags and their fans had to hang over our heads is now gone,washed away in a a 4 game embarassment.
  8. It is what it is i guess,you look at some whistle happy games(1st devs rags)and then turn to another game and there seems to be another level of leniancy.Maybe its just the games Bettman attends in person? BTW there was a brutal non call in last nights wings vs oilers game.A blatant pick play while the oilers were down 5 on 3 led directly to a goal....could cost em the series.
  9. swampdevil

    Don Cherry

    I love me some Grapes on the coaches corner!
  10. Thats how i vote.....Honorable mention for Ozo tho
  11. Last night don cherry said about the incident that Vince L had the "biggest heart in the league"and then spent the next 5 min running down big Charra....
  12. NO to 3rd jerseys for the devs AFWIW-------I hate the red at home white on the road deal.
  13. He was indeed great tonight,seems a different d man steps up every night.
  14. STUPID = RASMUSSEN / selfish play
  15. The coach looked healthy.......nice to see him.
  16. Martin Gerber is just plain awful.......who is the canes backup? directv lost its TSN feed of flyers v sabres and switched to Buff msg.....always fun to hear Rick Jennerette!!
  17. Sending jagr out as a goon? methinknot.Thats what Holliwegs around for.
  18. HELLACIOUS HIT....Briere wins it for the sabres
  19. I agree. Lets go get em boys.Helluva way to end the season!!
  20. swampdevil

    Devils MVP?

    That along with his new found shot and confidence in it has made him something of a force the last couple months! I voted for Gio tho.......great year.
  21. Martin Brodeur is the only Devil past or present right whose number should be retired with #3 & #4. I love mac & sarge but they are just not rafter worthy.
  22. .....Cue the soap opera music for this thread. Bigger message boards than this one have been brought down by less.Sounds like comments made in the naughty devs thread have not been met with open arms?You would think there are enough places to go on the net to talk about boobs. Tho i mainly visit for the game day thread and article reprints,it seems like yall have a good thing going here.Sure be a shame to screw it up...........
  23. Was that a johnny mac pick??????????? methinkso.....did i hear one of the announcers say "j maddens big day continues" before the shot?? what does that mean?
  24. Did you really have to use the term"douche bag"? A HIGH RISER CATCHES THE GLASS!
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