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  1. After not really showing up for game 1 and not accepting the gift that was game 2 i dont think this team can pull it off.Theyre just not as talented as some previous teams to climb out of this hole.

    Ill be yelling and screaming for em.......but i gotta say i think the seies was probably lost in game 2.


    The LAST thing the rags and their fans had to hang over our heads is now gone,washed away in a a 4 game embarassment.

  3. It is what it is i guess,you look at some whistle happy games(1st devs rags)and then turn to another game and there seems to be another level of leniancy.Maybe its just the games Bettman attends in person?

    BTW there was a brutal non call in last nights wings vs oilers game.A blatant pick play while the oilers were down 5 on 3 led directly to a goal....could cost em the series.

  4. http://www.nhl.com/news/2006/04/269868.html

    "With the Rangers trailing by four goals and virtually no chance of coming back late in the third period Saturday, Jagr was sent out by coach Tom Renney to get what he called 'practice' in penalty killing. Jagr tried to hit Gomez, New Jersey's second leading scorer, and lunged toward him."

    Maybe this is a long shot but, maybe Renney had Jagr go out there to hurt one of the Devils' major playmakers? From that quote above I think that NHL.com is implying that with the quoted practice and the way they worded it thats the case.

    Sending jagr out as a goon? methinknot.Thats what Holliwegs around for.

  5. i really think gomez deserves a look.. he stepped up majory this year with that coast to coast thingy

    That along with his new found shot and confidence in it has made him something of a force the last couple months! I voted for Gio tho.......great year.

  6. .....Cue the soap opera music for this thread.

    Bigger message boards than this one have been brought down by less.Sounds like comments made in the naughty devs thread have not been met with open arms?You would think there are enough places to go on the net to talk about boobs.

    Tho i mainly visit for the game day thread and article reprints,it seems like yall have a good thing going here.Sure be a shame to screw it up...........

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