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  1. Almost nothing makes me grab for the remote faster.

    The same moves over and over,youve seen one run youve seen all you need to see.Tony Hawk must be slapping his forehead for not losing the wheels on his board years ago.....the guy would be awash in gold cds(medals).

    Its obvious the olympic commitee wants gen x to put down the video game remotes for a couple hours but there just has to be another way........

    Wake me up when the snowboarders start down the ski jump ramp. :evil:

  2. --2 HD games on DIRECTV tonight pens vs sens / blues vs hawks

    --Isles are just brutal

    --sid the kid out w/ flu tonight

    --Interesting listening to bob mackenzie of TSN talk about the new streamlined uniforms the league is set to propose to the GMs.....sounds like the high pants and tucked in form fitting shirts are a bit of a horror show.They likened it to a sort of ED GRIMLEY look! :blink: they will be debuted in vegas next week

    --flyers and sabres tied at 1 in the 2nd

  3. Well, it's OK. <_< but this is IT folks - all she wrote... we need BETTER information than this!! We need Stevens info AND NOT in sound bites and newswire clips <_<

    but I liked the player blurbs all the same - I mean something is indeed better than nothing


    I feel like I'm loosing tug of war :rant:

    No worries,as devs fans we need to stick together and all be pulling the rope in the same direction! :evil:

  4. Yeesh -- the writer is a fool. What did he just listen to a couple Stevens interviews read the transcript of his retirement call -- and read clips from players probably sent out over the wires. Blah...

    and Scotty has obviously got his "what I'm doing now that I'm retired" speach a little too rote... you have another daughter (or did she move out? :doh1: )

    What I want is more stories of what Stevens did off ice... how he freaked guys out with a look or how his tone of voice changed and stuff... how it probably gets all clear and peircing when he's irritated. Gomez is the only guy who shares the good stuff! :lol:

    One thing I do like is the Professional ref... that's exactly what he is and players shouldn't be more like Roenick. No.. I DON'T want to hear about how you feel or get all touchy feely --- being professional says it all -- says MORE in fact than some sh!tehead controlling all the personal stuff he puts puts out there -- that's too impersonal - professional behavior is far more personal. I realized that when I went on a first date with this guy and he acted like he was telling me all this personal stuff... then not two weeks later I read it ALL -- ALL OF IT! in a magazine. I was just like "you jackass -- and you expect me to actually get serious about you?" How do we get so confused that we think immodesty is a GOOD thing? ** sigh** but I digress.

    Its a article from an OUT OF TOWN NEWSPAPER,just be happy for some positive press.......settle down beavis

  5. BY FAR the most bitter loss I've ever had as a sports fan with either the Devils or the Dolphins. I'll take it to my grave. After Game 7, I literally didn't talk to anyone for almost 2 days.


    I agree.I was at game 6 as well,i can remember walking out and a door to a luxury box opened and john davidson and neil smith walked out laughing with huge smiles on their faces.......ugh!

    After game 7 i went out in my driveway and broke a couple sticks in two.I will say the biterness of that season helped fuel what was to come in the future.Sometimes losing is part of learning how to win.

  6. Ive been watching since noon as well,wonderful coverage and great stories.Well done as usual by CBC.

    How about those kids and the 11,000 ties for grapes! or the boy who said A Mogilny was his favorite player.....thankfully the broadcaster let the kid slide and and didnt fill him in on the waiver news..... :unsure:

  7. What's Hossa supposed to do there? He's on an angle and McGillis was bearing down on him. He never got off the shot. But the ref blew the call. It should have just been a penalty.


    Agree. colin white was awful tonight........this team is a mess right now.

  8. somerset county as well,was at the game so i cant give an account for the blackouts however the REPLAYS were televised when i got home for both the isles and devs.

    canucks vs coyotes looked awesome on HDNET...

  9. why is there a red line in the "THANK YOU"picture?


    Because they still need the red line to determine icings.


    thats what i get for posting at 7 am.......... :doh1:

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