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  1. somerset county as well,was at the game so i cant give an account for the blackouts however the REPLAYS were televised when i got home for both the isles and devs. canucks vs coyotes looked awesome on HDNET...
  2. just scored 2 tix,dont know where the seats are.......
  3. 3 games on directv today rags vs Bs wings vs stars jackets vs blackhawks switching back n forth tween football pennant race & curb your entusiasm
  4. Because they still need the red line to determine icings. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> thats what i get for posting at 7 am..........
  5. why is there a red line in the "THANK YOU"picture?
  6. j mac is among my all time faves BUT,he jumped ship for the rags so......................no rafter laundry for #15
  7. HDNET will indeed be broadcasting games this season,THANK YOU mark cuban!! http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread....52&page=1&pp=30
  8. OLN is a(somewhat)useful step for the league i guess. the CENTER ICE package is the best hockey money i spend every year. As far as HD im hoping HDNET resumes their schedule (65 games televised a couple years ago) Im also hoping hockey night in canada follows thru with their promise to broadcast the early game of the sat doubleheader in HD.
  9. no ill will towards scott from me,too many good things happened while/because he was here. This is a huge blow to the team for the next couple years tho,i dont think there is any doubt about that. F**K
  10. the garage and surrounding construction take up about 60% of existing parking around the arena.......parking will not be fun.
  11. philly just signed hatcher and rathje so theyre out of the picture.ill actually be very surprised if nieds leaves the devils.
  12. I guess its a necessary step for the league,just give me my center ice and games in hi def on HDNET.
  13. Training camp and preseason will determine what parises ready for............
  14. im anxious to see js giguer in his new pads,i wonder who he sold those refigerators he used to wear on his legs to?
  15. To qualify for the list you must have ratings greater than 0.02 (HOUSEHOLDS PER MILLION) AKA: DOG FIGHTING 0.03 CELEBRITY POKER 0.02 TRICK SHOT BILLIARDS 0.02 ENGLISH PUB PRO DART LEAGUE 0.02 STIHL TIMBER SPORTS TOUR 0.02 NHL HOCKEY 0.01
  16. Doesent get much better than this one,unless your raising the silverware.
  17. Its painfully obvious that the feelings of the fans is at the very bottom of the list on BOTH sides.Where is the petition telling both sides to go f*** themselves,i may jump on that one..........
  19. contingency plan to make money.i will not be watching..........swampy
  20. "I just wanted to thank you for 3 championships and 10 years of excellence, I'm a huge Jersey fan, thanks." He looked a bit bewildered and said "Thank you, I appreciate it." you couldnt have put it any better dano fan,nice job!
  21. lots of great ones,get a little fuzzy on the yrs sometimes johnny mac ot vs chi 87-88 claude lemieux vs philly from the blueline playoffs p elias in philly gm 7 late s richer i think on breakaway to beat bruins in playoffs and close boston garden for good ? doug brown ot 87-88 vs bruins in semis in boston marty vs the habs!! --swampy
  22. scroll down to near the bottom of the page--------swampy http://hometown.aol.com/duplenty/myhomepage/profile.html
  23. ESPN doesent hate hockey.it hates hockeys ratings.it business not personal.ill miss NHL tonite and thank god for center ice and the sports package----swampy
  24. congrats flyers fans ,just dont forget to add bryan macabe to your christmas card list-----------swampy
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