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  1. HUGE monkey?i dont know.12 more wins and you can look at it like that.drop the next round and that chimp wont mean as much.either way you have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to matching what the devils have done in the last decade.12 more wins and then youll be top bannana,anything less is monkeyshines--------swampy

  2. bungham

    I believe the devils have been breaking flyers fans hearts for many years now.

    I believe you used the term domination.

    I believe you will have to have many years of cups and success this decade if you hope to even the score with the devils.

    You will not win the cup this year,deal with it.youll sleep better :evil:


  3. it was nice to watch the cbc feed of the mont / bos game,usually the hometown feed is used(nesn in boston).its hard to beat the canadian coverage----swampy

  4. from a strict hockey point of view center ice is a MUST have where ever you hang your skates.how can you argue w/1100 or so games.btw there are ways to pick up those elusive canadian channels here in the states B )


  5. you espn bashing folks need center ice,i havent watched regular season hockey on espn in a loooong time.with all the different pregame shows on sattelite theres lots of hockey info to go around-----swampy

  6. todd bertuzzi is a lit candle,and columnists around north america line up with with pales of gasoline.

    NHL2NITE?love the show,but much like the leagues television baragaining power -- it is gone.


    S P O R T

    Can the NHL Save Itself?

    A brutal attack seems to be the only hockey anyone is watching


    Monday, Mar. 22, 2004

    It's fun, this finger wagging, this easy moral superiority. So every news channel, editorial writer and sports columnist spent a lot of last week excoriating Todd Bertuzzi, who plays hockey for the Vancouver Canucks. All Bertuzzi did was sneak up behind Colorado Avalanche centerman Steve Moore toward the end of a 9-2 game last week and punch that member of the winning team in the side of the head. Then slam Moore's face into the ice until his neck broke and the blood pooled. Bertuzzi was rearing back for another shot when other players intervened. Some fans at Vancouver's GM Place called the police to have them arrest Bertuzzi

  7. from nhl.com

    The 24 page study (plus 11 exhibits) reveals that 19 of the League's 30 teams had operating losses in 2002-2003 averaging $18 million and that only 11 teams were profitable averaging $6.4 million in profits. --end

    ticket prices have gone out of reach to joe fan.payrolls have spun way out of control.i want a salary cap and i dont care how long it takes-----swampy

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