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  1. as much as losing to the rags sucks and as bad as the whole team has been i think its more important to get everyone healthy and going in the right direction when the end of the season is in sight.if the slumps continues tho it will be tough positioning once the playoffs start--look how important it turned out to be last year----swampy

  2. from the dfc web page--

    Hello and welcome to the Devils Fan Club (DFC) Home Page. The Devils Fan Club is the official booster club of the National Hockey League's New Jersey Devils. With over 2,000 members, the DFC is the largest booster club in the NHL! The Devils Fan Club operates as an independent, volunteer organization, to support the New Jersey Devils and to promote a greater interest in the sport of ice hockey.

    Visit this site for Up-To-Date information on the Club's activities and the New Jersey Devils. If you are not a member, why not JOIN your fellow Devils' fans today and become a member!


  3. the last fan club dinner i attended doug brown sat at our table,great guy.poor doug hardly had time to chew his food with all the questions we were asking!-and tommie mcveigh was the coach!boy,was he a hoot.here is one of the jokes from his"speech"

    -sos i say to my wife,why the hell do you waste time ironing your bras, you got nothing to put in em---------she says, that never stopped me from ironing your shorts!! everybody was howling!fans,players,coaches,waiters


  4. seems to me the inability to play the puck behind the net will also increase the amount of racing full speed to get to the puck first--and more crashing into the endboards.i think ken holland is pushing for this--how have his goalies been at handling the puck :rolleyes:

    --howdy folks!-------swampy

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