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  1. Im big into home theater,have 2 setups in my house.First in the family rm w/ panny 50" plasma 7.1 sound & 2 home theater seats.Second in great rm w/ 7.1 sound in wall speakers proj & 90" electric screen.Directv HD w/ center ice package/DVR on both. I tend to favor Denon and pioneer products. I dont think u can beat the PS3....great gaming console as well as a GREAT blu ray player.Profile updates done effortlessly thru wireless internet.We should post some pics of our setups.....
  2. swampdevil

    The "C"

    Langs has earned it with his play and leadership. No one has shown they deserve it more......
  4. Reminds me of the dipsh*it who posted a picture of a handgun to start a Marty thread,jesus......"7" must mean his age + IQ. Btw,its embarrassing that the moderator of this site allowed that thread to stay open. End of rant.
  5. Baccardi & coke to start. Hopefully no need for a cyanide chaser at the end.
  6. No biggie,more important that there are fannies in the seats. I actually check scores on my bb during breaks.
  7. Cheap hit? Sure. Dirty was domi elbow on neidermeyer. Suck it up and score on the power play....a chance they threw away too.
  8. Made my first trip to Hobbys deli before game # 5.Absolutely outstanding ! delicous food,extremely freindly staff and some nice devlis touches including a hockey themed menu. I understand Brent Sutters pre game ritual includes an open face meatball sandwich from Hobbys. Cant wait to head back. Just a 2 block walk from the rock.Forget the trendy spots,do yourself a favor and try some old school. Also not to be missed are the 2 menswear stores accross the street, one of which features the "Steve Harvey line" , somewhere Don Cherry is smiling.
  9. Sec 24 right below goal bar / red Brodeur jersey LGD!
  10. I didnt think Marty was whining,in fact i thought he was pretty contrite and calm in interviews after the game. Whats the status with Langs ??????????
  11. 2 bitter losses / 2 great wins. Bottom line , we win our remaining home games ....we move on.
  12. Luck is the residue of hard work.............game to New Jersey.
  13. --Claudes shot from the blueline to beat Hextall with just over a minute left to break their hearts --The Elias goal in the waning minutes at the spectrum to break their hearts --Marty jumping in the air after scoring against the habs --The Devs shutting down the Boston Garden for good with a win --Burkes save against LaFontaine after he skates the length of the ice in the final seconds --Randy Mckays steal and score --Mike Rupp sealing up the cup goal against Anaheim --The look on Segei Brylins face after scoring in the final game against Anaheim --P Elias wearing Sykoras jersey backwards during the celebration --Mike Peluso crying on the bench Good times.......
  14. Man I wanna see the rags play the bruins..... Lets go habs!
  15. If there is a "switch" somebody needs to flip it.......soon. This "elite" team looks uninspired and just ready to be beaten
  16. I'm hoping for bruins vs habs. Besides , if it's the rags this year how could they involve them two years in a row?
  17. Look for a North Carolina cover this week,followed by Tiger,followed by a 'Whats wrong with the Yankees" cover (god willing)
  18. Hey bro! Have you ever seen black flag live? I was lucky enough to see them close to 20 times in the ny / nj area in the early 80 s. Truly one of the greatest live bands ever. Yes, I was at the legendary show with the misfits Xmas day 1981 in Passaic nj.
  19. I saw lots of shows at c gardens including a mind blowing double bill of black flag opening for venom. The one time I saw the surfers I thought they were awful...for truly brain altering depravity,flipper were a lot more fun. I did see a guys head catch on fire though,at a Nashville pxxxy gig at the court tavern in new Brunswick.
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