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  1. Im big into home theater,have 2 setups in my house.First in the family rm w/ panny 50" plasma 7.1 sound & 2 home theater seats.Second in great rm w/ 7.1 sound in wall speakers proj & 90" electric screen.Directv HD w/ center ice package/DVR on both.

    I tend to favor Denon and pioneer products. I dont think u can beat the PS3....great gaming console as well as a GREAT blu ray player.Profile updates done effortlessly thru wireless internet.We should post some pics of our setups.....

  2. Made my first trip to Hobbys deli before game # 5.Absolutely outstanding ! delicous food,extremely freindly staff and some nice devlis touches including a hockey themed menu. I understand Brent Sutters pre game ritual includes an open face meatball sandwich from Hobbys. Cant wait to head back. Just a 2 block walk from the rock.Forget the trendy spots,do yourself a favor and try some old school.

    Also not to be missed are the 2 menswear stores accross the street, one of which features the "Steve Harvey line" , somewhere Don Cherry is smiling.

  3. --Claudes shot from the blueline to beat Hextall with just over a minute left to break their hearts

    --The Elias goal in the waning minutes at the spectrum to break their hearts

    --Marty jumping in the air after scoring against the habs

    --The Devs shutting down the Boston Garden for good with a win

    --Burkes save against LaFontaine after he skates the length of the ice in the final seconds

    --Randy Mckays steal and score

    --Mike Rupp sealing up the cup goal against Anaheim

    --The look on Segei Brylins face after scoring in the final game against Anaheim

    --P Elias wearing Sykoras jersey backwards during the celebration

    --Mike Peluso crying on the bench

    Good times.......

  4. Hey bro! Have you ever seen black flag live? I was lucky enough to see them close to 20 times in the ny / nj area in the early 80 s. Truly one of the greatest live bands ever. Yes, I was at the legendary show with the misfits Xmas day 1981 in Passaic nj.

  5. I saw lots of shows at c gardens including a mind blowing double bill of black flag opening for venom. The one time I saw the surfers I thought they were awful...for truly brain altering depravity,flipper were a lot more fun. I did see a guys head catch on fire though,at a Nashville pxxxy gig at the court tavern in new Brunswick.

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