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  1. The cats have been soooo inconsistent. Don't get me started on their goaltending,voukon has been awful in the clutch. Huge chance tonight for the habs tonight to put five points between them and the rags. If they do manage to get in, I want to see them get battered by the bruins.

  2. Don cherry tonight said about avery "a leopard never changes his spots" and then called him a jerk.he then called him out for "not answering the bell" against d clarkson.he then called rosen & miccheleti "dumb dumbs" for defending avery.lol, grapes was inspired tonight!

  3. Coming from someone who used to listen to the FAN a LOT.

    Since switching over to XM/SIRIUS 1 year ago i never listen to the FAN now,theres just no reason.24/7 hockey talk and music out the yazoo.I also enjoy mad dogs show.....

    As far as im concerned ill never have a reason to tune in to Francessas show again.Ever

    Bracket and a-roid talk,pompous and arrogant commentary, its your choice to make.

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