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  1. Shanny was practicing on his own at the Rock pratice rink Sat & Sun............WELCOME BACK AND GOOD LUCK!!
  2. I couldnt get on the Reebok site to vote....they must have been swamped. I thought Costas and the crew did a great job,all in all agreat day for hockey!
  3. Not the way the team is now......but maybe a deadline pickup and a hot Marty,healthy team.
  4. Winter classic toque and hooded sweatshirt....
  5. swampdevil

    VOTE Doc

    96-8 Pat Foley is the 2nd best in the league imho,shame hes got to run into the Doc juggernaut!
  6. 11,000 Watching on tv i could hear the vendors making change.
  7. Will probably watch a little Hawks - Nucks before sox-rays starts up.So very glad to see Hockey night in canada in HD this year on NHL network
  8. Theres vids of both the walk and bike ride at MSNBC.COM.Also vid of the circus elephants parading down the street in front of the Rock at nj.com.
  9. Like last year this team is NOT good enough to overcome bad goals allowed by Marty and that first one was a Mr Softee w/ extra sprinkles.
  10. Suite 10...something. Sure would be nice to actually beat the Isles.........
  11. As a favor to a orthodontist in Basking Ridge (and also to secure some tee times at Pine Brook!) a couple of the boys agreed to sign autographs and take pictures for a couple hours Sat am.It was open to former and current patients only and one guest so the turnout was very manageble and the vibe was freindly and relaxed.Both seemed excited about the coming season........here are a few pix. Was very excited to get my new jersey signed ! There was no limit for autographs and everyone had a chance to get a picture with them as well. First time i was ever excited about a trip to the dentist!!!
  12. Thanks for the heads up on this........Just brought one for my Marty jersey.
  13. swampdevil


    I love the Devs and will always support them.....but our record this year against the NY teams 3 - 20 ? FVCKING EMBARASSING.
  14. On the versus feed........... : ) http://youtube.com/watch?v=s2AqwfwnsmU Lets leave all the mics open.Hell, make Kieth Jones hang his lapel mic over the glass !
  15. proud of the boys tonight,they let it all hang out.Great effort.
  16. DTV was a little late on the switch adding the game tonight.......
  17. For god sake,lets show up full of piss n vinegar and spoil the god damn love in / garden party!!!!!!!!!!
  18. As a team,Gutless.useless in the offensive zone.clarkson on the PP shows how Sutter feels about our "snipers".Oh yeah ........i want a new captain next year too.FVCK
  19. The only indicator of the importance of that bad goal will be the passage of time. --A hiicup on the way to eliminating the rags ? or --A softee that turned the tide on home ice from which they never recovered ? We shall see........
  20. When the offense has this much trouble finishing,that was a HUGE mistake.And as far as the "this is only game # 1" stuff........complete horsecrap.
  21. That was awful.....dont think well be able to overcome that one. so long game #1
  22. Headed for the Dunellen train station now.......SIC EM BOYS!!!!!!!!!!
  23. As long as were resting Marty,can we just put orange traffic cones out to rest the D. It wouldnt be that much of a switch..........
  24. Ok............... thats 2 games out of 1600......
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