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  1. As a favor to a orthodontist in Basking Ridge (and also to secure some tee times at Pine Brook!) a couple of the boys agreed to sign autographs and take pictures for a couple hours Sat am.It was open to former and current patients only and one guest so the turnout was very manageble and the vibe was freindly and relaxed.Both seemed excited about the coming season........here are a few pix.

    Was very excited to get my new jersey signed ! There was no limit for autographs and everyone had a chance to get a picture with them as well.

    First time i was ever excited about a trip to the dentist!!!




  2. The only indicator of the importance of that bad goal will be the passage of time.

    --A hiicup on the way to eliminating the rags ?


    --A softee that turned the tide on home ice from which they never recovered ?

    We shall see........

  3. No it's not. I've seen the ducks wear white at home, I've seen the Coyotes wear white at home.....

    down in the E the home team wears white pre allstar break, and dark post break.

    I prefer home whites myself.

    Ok............... thats 2 games out of 1600...... :rolleyes:

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