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  1. If the trade rumor is true, I am sure it had to with the Claude Julien puck shooting incident. Lou might have though Madden might be a liability during the off season. I am glad he is still a Devil

    Has it ever been confirmed that it was Madden in fact who fired puck at Julien? Just wondering...

  2. Ill be confident in the descion making of Lou & Conte until someone can name a more successful duo in the last 20 years........jeez,would this franchise still even be in Jersey if it wasnt for Lou???

    "Lucky cup"????? No such thing .......16 wins = 16 wins

  3. Enjoy your time in the garden state and your time at the rock!.If by gods good graces the devs should actually defeat the isles....gasp! You may be aske to relocate to Jersey as a good luck charm!!

    Dont forget to visit the team store,the devils den..at street level.


  4. Doc is the best play by play guy in the league .... by far

    Pierre Maguire is the best color guy in the league .... by far

    Gary Thorne seemed to be on the network fast track at one point,he did some great work with the Devs including Johnny Macs OT thrilla in Chicago.I can tell you the whole schilling bloody sock hoax he tried to bring to light while with the Orioles hasnt helped his rep or credibility the last couple years.

  5. Stayed to the end,fun atmosphere in the arena.

    Listening to the replays of the giants scores on the fan,is there a worse color guy than dick lynch? He interjects some comment in the middle of EVERY call,never letting the play by play guy shine.On the winning field goal he yells GOT IT before the guy can make his call!! lol

    Congrats big blue


    1-DUCKS boring unimaginitive logo,awful colors

    2-LIGHTNING another bad logo

    3-STARS everything looks ironed on....

    4-CANUCKS lost me this year with the huge VANCOUVER on front


    1-BLACKHAWKS nuttin beats the injun head..now they got some players to put in em too

    2-CANADIENS cool,classic n full of history


    I dig the wild jerseys.

    If you dont likes your teams jersey,dont fret....itll be changed in a couple years !! cept the devs o course

    **FOR GODS SAKE BRING BACK WHITE JERSEYS FOR THE HOME TEAM!!!!!!!!!! The way the brains have it now we see TWO primary colors at every home game RED & WHITE! ASSANINE.**

  7. What a awesome atmosphere!! Ronan Tynans god bless america w/ 73,000 singing along was unreal.Love the throwback jerseys too.Just hope the ice holds up......

    Devs vs Rangers at Giants stadium!!!

  8. Matinee is a great word.

    It brings to mind afternoons at the movies,and the smell of popcorn.Matinee can also be used to describe,how shall we say,relations......during the day.Im curious how Neverson will describe toays NY Rangers "matinee".

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