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  1. Its darn near the best money i dish out every year:

    -Hockey on every night....almost all NHL games are televised in CI.

    -Hockey night in canada

    -Canadian tv coverage...TSN,CBC,Rogers sportsnet feeds. THE best production and hockey coverage.

    Im just hoping for an increase in HD games in the package this year.With the new Directv satellites ready to go there will be somewhere around 40 new HD channels including Versus and quite a few regional sports networks.

    Print this out and hand dear ol dad the phone. Good luck!!

  2. How anyone who calls themselves a big hockey fan could go without the center ice package for the WHOLE year is beyond me.Out of town games,TSN,CBC,HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA,First 2 rounds of the playoffs in their entirety.....its the best $ i spend all year.

  3. Jenarete is a homer?

    Well of course he is,nothing wrong with that.He is broadcasting to sabres fans after all.I consider him one of the best and maybe the most entertaining play by play guy out there.In fact ill say his call of Brad Mays OT winner in the playoffs against the Bruins may be my favorite ever...MAY DAY MAY DAY MAY MAY DAY!!!! :P

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