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  1. Happened to be there for opening night vs the bruins this year.Nice arena,had seats at the blueline halfway up.Good sightlines.Its a different atmosphere with palm trees outside and going to the game in shorts.Have a great time.....

  2. Couple of questions, do you think Bad Brains shot themselves in the foot with the whole "gay" thing that they caught up in? I know they are all very religious, but my brother and I were talking about this last night as Husker Du has two gay members (I know pun) and who the F cares if they are gay as they are one of the best bands ever!

    Did you ever see the Meatmen and Tesco Vee? One of tightest bands I have ever seen (I'm sure you did) and great people also. "Super Super... Simple as that..." :rofl: Toolin for A^us!


    Last.. is Buff Hall located on the Rutgers Camden campus? Minor Threat played there and don't know where the F it is? Also her's a gift from Tesco... FUNNY AS SH^T!!!!!:

    Buff Hall was a venue in Camden.weddings, concerts etc. To be honest i dont remember any "gay" issues with the bad brains.I know their religous beliefs didnt help the music career and they had other issues.Oh well..."The candle that burns brightest burns for half as long".

    Saw the Meatmen once,pretty funny.I have both of the original singles...will get them up on ebay at some point.

  3. Im 45 and grew up on punk and hardcore.Ive seen most of the bands listed close to 20 times each,all in the NY/NJ area.Best live bands.....

    1-BAD BRAINS-One of the greatest live bands ever.period.

    2-BLACK FLAG-soundtrack for a riot,as theyve been described.Greg Ginn on guitar was just unreal,his intensity is still for the most part unmatched.When Rollins first joined w/ Dez Cadena on 2nd guitar was my fave lineup.Just some killer shows in this area,Mudd club,peppermint Lounge,Fast Lane,Ritz etc.

    3-DEAD KENNEDYS-Lots of unreal area shows,dont even bother to see this band without Jello.I remember a packed Irving plaza just going apesh!t with loads of DC punks on hand for the show.

    4-MINOR THREAT-were only around for a couple years but the shows at CBGBs were just great,very intense.

    5-MISFITS-Live shows were always short due to broken equipment and fights but for 30 min they were tough to beat,Great fun were the Halloween shows at the poish hall on St.marks place where they would set up bedsheets and play horror movies on them.


    Saw a great show this week at the brighton bar. THE DWARVES Check out THE DWARVES MUST DIE

  4. Disagree here. Knowing some guys in the radio business, it's possible Matty was making more just doing the studio/occassonal PbP duty thing on TV than most hockey radio guys make for their gig.

    I think it's a typical Devils move: he's a friend of the program, he's not controversial, and he knows where the arena is.

    My favorite guy? Chris Moore. The perfect cynical guy for a team that needed one back then.


    I agree,Chris Moore was the best radio guy the Devs ever had.Loughlin makes me cringe......never could watch the in between periods stuff

  5. I wasnt expecting too much from this Devs club,our coach had cancer,our best player had hepatitis,the best defenseman in the game left with nothing in return and our hall of fame leader had retired.We were left with more questions than answers to be sure.

    There were some great thrills tho.The 2nd half run culminating in a Atlantic divison championship.The exorcising and embarrasment of the Rangers.The rise of Brian Gionta into an elite player...

    That all said, this loss to the canes still stings.The effort in gm #1 and the bitter gift of game #2 ended the season too early.

    Cant wait for training camp to open..........LETS GO DEVILS

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