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  1. "Charlie's alright tonight!" Mick on Get Yer YaYa's Out RIP Charlie Watts
  2. Hated the ads on the boards, hated the ads on the ice, hated the ads on the helmets, hate the ads on the jerseys...... When I watch a game from 30 years ago something looks odd-oh yeah no ads. We'll get used to it . Still don't have to like it though.
  3. Rock


    Vancouver also had a pretty nasty one after they lost to the Rangers. i don't recall what happened in 1982. I also don't recall whether they rioted in 1915 when the Millionaires won the cup.
  4. Who is the NHL going to rig this years lottery for? Chicago maybe?
  5. The next time the NHL decides to expand (hopefully never) it brings in 2 teams together. So it doesn't have 1 team pick all the good available players. I believe this is one of the reasons Vegas is so successful. I think the other is the Vegas Flu. When teams go into Vegas for a few days i'm sure some of the guys go gambling. At least the first year when Vegas had an outstanding home record.
  6. Goalies can play with broken sticks
  7. (Sigh) Another loss Another season comes to an end
  8. Rock

    33 years ago today

    Have another donut....
  10. The age thing is a factor for me also. NO.
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