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    What to do with #2?

    i am NOT up on this years draft class. if there is a really good goaltending prospect (a Brodeur type and not a Trevor Kidd), trade down and draft him even if it's earlier than the EXPERTS expect (I know we'll be screaming here if that happens.) Sigh I miss having 20 years of Hall of Fame Goaltending
  2. The warmup jersey's are much better than the atrocities they released. It can be next years reverse retro with the (Adidas) stripes on the sides instead of the sleeves.
  3. his 6 month ban ends in october. Now that was a severe punishment!
  4. Was at the game during the final minutes of warmups Everything shot at Hammond went in. It looked like the Devils started deliberately shooting wide (but they are the Devils after all). The Devils play a game at the end of warmups where Nico shoots it on net and the rest of the team whacks at it until it goes in. They didn't do it today. Just Nico and Zacha (I Believe) Looks like Hammond's confidence is shot. Yikes!
  5. i was at the game and said to my daughter the Devils will probably give up two shorties this game. ...... I must admit i didn't think it would be on the same power play. Good thing this game was on the Devils . Free club seats and free food. Only paid for parking.
  6. Fleury. Kuemper, Husso, Campbell
  7. https://theathletic.com/3248134/2022/04/13/lebrun-with-some-quality-goalies-potentially-available-this-offseason-who-could-be-on-the-move-who-stays/
  8. hopefully watching the HAMBURGLAR doesn't make me want to GRIMACE, LGD!
  9. Couple of years ago I sat in the same row as him. He would go off like that on the littlest things. At least it was game related. (Some times I thought he was going to have a stroke his face turned red and he wouldn't stop.)
  10. Either the building was too quiet or they raised the volume of the ice microphones. The passes hitting the sticks were very noticeable tonight. Also the clangs off the pipe.
  11. That's what I said when the Devils got the double minor power play
  12. I just read the names and avoided the stat speak. https://theathletic.com/3204386/2022/03/23/the-devils-could-use-a-new-goalie-who-could-they-target-this-coming-offseason/
  13. https://theathletic.com/news/maple-leafs-team-up-with-justin-bieber-for-reversible-jersey-will-be-worn-vs-devils-wednesday/y30JYdGLbool/ oh Justin Bieber is involved also
  14. i don't think he can coach the goaltenders. They tried to teach him the butterfly as a kid he didn't like it. I guess he was right since his hybrid style led him to the HoF.
  15. https://theathletic.com/3148073/2022/03/18/gordie-howe-fighting-saints-and-beer-soaked-meal-money-how-the-wha-changed-the-nhl-for-the-better/
  16. I was there we made sure to get a program. (Remember them) I heard a women say if he breaks it tonight it doesn't have Marty's picture on it. I want the program with Marty's picture on it.
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