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  1. It was noticeable on the replay. They miss it too much. I hate to see such a big game decided that way. Colorado probably would've won anyway. But the way the rules are set up, how is that not an automatic review in Toronto? It's a scoring play in overtime of the Stanley Cup. They have the technology. The pr statement they put out was embarrassing. It doesn't matter now. Now we see what happens tomorrow.
  2. They play their asses off. But when you're up against a big, fast, strong and supremely skilled opponent like the Avalanche, you cannot take penalties or get hemmed in. They can only block so many shots. I like the Bolts. I can't hate them. Even if they came back last round and won 4 straight. They have likeable players, a great coach who's complimentary, and are built well. Going for a 3-peat in this era is unheard of. They dominated the 1st period last night. It didn't matter because they only scored one goal on Kuemper. The power play again failed. The biggest difference in the series is special teams. It's 6-1 Colorado in PPG. Plus the Makar shorthanded goal. Tampa is too predictable. Their PK isn't aggressive enough and they don't clear pucks. It also could be that they're worn out from going this deep a third consecutive year. They're banged up. Look at Cernak and Cirelli. You have Stamkos selling out to block shots. Colorado is fresher and had a layup last round. Two byes essentially. That really helps. Their forecheck is tenacious. Vasilevskiy and that D can't do it by themselves. They need to forecheck early to win tomorrow. Get ahead. Take that crowd out of it. They're mostly fraud fans anyway who don't understand the rules. The mentality is win Game 5. Then they're not losing at home. Which means Game 7. It can happen. But how much do they have left? They have the right goalie and personnel. Kucherov, Stammer, Palat and Hedman all must step up along with Paul, Cirelli and either Colton or Perry. Do not take penalties. I'd like to see them do it. Just get Game Five. The pressure will shift.
  3. Look at Lehner here. What was he seeing?
  4. That showed something. Against a desperate team and the Devils played a good third until the frantic end. What was Lehner looking for on the Boqvist third goal? Lol hope Vegas is enjoying not having Fleury. He totally botched it. It was like he was looking at Lehner, who was staring at the corner. Strange.
  5. Marner was asked about Barzal and he was kidding. But since he's a Leaf...
  6. Flyers. Devils at least have Hughes and Hischier. Plus Bratt, Sharangovich and Mercer. They aren't that bad compared to those teams. But need to stabilize defense and goalie.
  7. I would concur. They fine for that while much worse offenses are too when it should be suspension.
  8. The Flyers are atrocious. It's like watching the Phantoms. They are such a train wreck. No goalie. Horrible defense. Few forwards pulling their weight. They look a long way off from returning to respectability. They still have the same Teflon GM even after canning AV, who always seems to leave his teams worse off. They have to hope Farabee bounces back next year. He had the look of a 30-goal scorer. Getting Bobby Brinkn will help. He led the NCAA in scoring. Former 2nd round pick. Plus Cam York can help the back end. They need to change the system and do an overhaul. And obviously have to have Hart stay healthy and consistent. It's problematic when you keep traffic cones like Risto. Provorov should be better by now. They look like they'll have last place all to themselves next year. Just as long as they don't get Bedard.
  9. Very sad . Feel for his wife and family.
  10. They probably didn't want to stick a freshman on it. He's more dangerous offensively than Power. Hughes is more of a shooter while Power is more of a distributor. Power signed and will debut for Buffalo. Kent Johnson also signed with Columbus.
  11. That sucked. They banged into each other trying to clear the puck. Hughes was pissed. It looked like Denver was the better team. I was going for Michigan.
  12. They sure didn't play like it. That third, it was mostly Devils. Called the Hischier goal. He toasted Seguin. If Nico played 75 games, he's probably 60-65 points.
  13. Yep. It doesn't matter where you wind up. Although I would say the Panthers should have the edge over the Caps. I don't know if I want the Rangers to win the division. Seems like they match up well against the Pens. But anything can happen in a series. Whoever they draw, it'll be tough. I feel similarly about the Central Division. Both the Predators and Wild are capable of runs. The Blues, it depends on Husso.
  14. I wouldn't hire Torts got the reason you gave. He'll teach discipline and defense. But stunt creativity. I don't see him getting another job. Definitely miss his postgames. Fractured hand. No idea how. I'm not even sure where they should put him.
  15. He was around the puck. He was close to getting one off that takeaway. But lost balance after getting hooked by Hischier. Laffy will be good. That I have no doubt about. Second in five-on-five goals behind Kreider. He's a very mature kid. Why didn't Sharangovich return? It didn't look like he got hurt in the scrap. I don't understand challenging Schneider on a good hit. Not much else happened. It lacked emotion. Devils should call up Holtz. But the AHL is still going.
  16. That's too bad. I wanted to see Hughes hit 30 goals. He's a brilliant player. Best wishes to him on a full recovery.
  17. That would've been a silly trade. They got Bassit and Scherzer, who probably will be okay. He's a horse. Old school like Ryan. I feel for deGrom. 77-53 and 2 Cy Youngs. He should have a lot more wins. Hope he comes back strong.
  18. Good for Zegras. That was bull crap. Imagine making such lame excuses for a cheap shot that injured a star. Try playing better. Or fielding a competitive roster. It is embarrassing for the Coyotes and the league that that thuggery is allowed. A message needs to be sent. But I'm sure it'll be business as usual.
  19. I would clean house. Fire the GM and coaching staff. That's unacceptable. If they had a clue, they'd call up Kevin Weekes and let him run it. He's gonna become a President or GM soon. He is also all class. Knowledgeable. Has lots of contacts around the league. That would be a home run.
  20. Here is the Gif of the Hughes goal. Impossible.
  21. Jack Hughes is on a different level. Has a shot at 30 goals despite missing a month. Imagine if the Devils get better scorers. I bet they go after Gaudreau.
  22. That's ridiculous. He is so awesome. Like how.
  23. Agreed. The Bolts don't really have a backup. Look at the past two years they won. They just had fillers for the games Vasy didn't play. How many teams can get away with that? I've always thought highly of Price. Swept the Hart/Vezina. He was the Habs. I don't know if he can be that anymore. Very fun to watch. As is MAF!
  24. Loved that hit. Good and clean. You can't do that anymore. Good hockey.
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