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  1. 5 hours ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Oh stuff it Ranger fan.  Yes, some of us are feeling a bit cranky...this season really took a shocking and crazy turn, when at one point it was actually flirting with respectability.  I've said many times that (for the most part) that they do try but are short on talent.  Doesn't mean watching them lose damned near every game down the stretch has been any easier.  

    You were plenty pissy after the Devils swept the Rangers in 2005-06...I'm sure the last thing you would've wanted to hear from a Devils fan was "Hey, be happy, you made the playoffs at least, how long had it been since you last did?"  Yeah, we're aggravated right now, and we have a right to be...in my case, it's not anyone in particular, just the general situation.  

    God forbid I post something that isn't what you or others want to hear. That was 11 years ago. Do you even remember what I told you about that series? I said they had no chance. But you choose to ignore it because that's what this board has become. This place used to be fun to talk hockey. Not anymore. So many good posters got chased away. I liked it a lot better when the teams were both competitive. But if the shoe were reversed, we know the truth. I don't have to spell it out for you. I don't care. Stuff that! 

  2. Did anyone have time to catch the wild ending to the Leafs clinching vs the Pens? Pretty amazing stuff. McElhinney forced in. Makes gigantic stop on Crosby. Game tying goal by Kapanen (1st of career), who they got for Kessel, who also scored. Brown's game-winner on a great redirect. Twenty goals for the other rookie. Matthews number 40.

    The Islanders would've made it if they hadn't waited so long to bring back Halak. They had no backup and ran Greiss into the ground. He wore out. Halak's last 5 starts: 6 GA on 155 shots. That's heroic. The Isles also won the last four without Tavares. They do have some good young talent. Ho-Sang looks like he'll be good. Beauvillier is a solid overall player. Barzal should arrive this Fall. He's got talent. The Isles goalie situation won't be fixed until Ilya Sorokin comes over from the KHL. Same draft as Igor Shestyerkin in 2014.

    If the Isles were managed better, they would've been in the playoffs. But they are mismanaged. They blew it. Not the players fault. But how the organization is run. 

    West match-ups are set:

    Blackhawks vs Predators

    Wild vs Blues 

    Ducks vs Flames

    Oilers vs Sharks 

    Chicago in 6 

    Blues in 6 

    Ducks in 6 

    Oilers in 5


    Two East match-ups to be decided today. Washington plays either Boston or Toronto. Ottawa plays one or the other. Here are the set two:

    Pens vs Blue Jackets 

    Canadiens vs Rangers 

    Pittsburgh in 6

    Montreal in 5 

  3. 13 minutes ago, MadDog2020 said:

    Makes me sick. I absolutely detest them.

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    I like them. They play with passion and have great kids who have a lot of skill and grit. That was such an exciting conclusion to a game. Matthews is amazing. 40 goals. American too! That's your Calder winner. Nylander. Marner. Brown with the unreal tip. The Leafs have had nothing to cheer about for years. They had their starting goalie knocked out and had to rely on McElhinney's huge stop on Crosby to make it. Story book stuff. It's great for hockey to have Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto all in. Edmonton and Calgary too. 

  4. 48 minutes ago, CommonDreads said:

    You are all the biggest bunch of sour apples. Yeah, this team sucks, but I'm still going to miss watching Devils hockey after tomorrow night.

    They actually played quite well tonight, but Halak was fantastic. I hope next year out of camp they start Zacha and Hall together, Zacha was great tonight and I can see those two building some natural chemistry.

    I couldn't agree more. The Devils played their asses off. They didn't intentionally tank. They worked hard and created a lot of quality shots and chances on Halak, who was unbelievable. Losing can change fans. It's not easy. Yeah. They stink as a team. But I saw a lot of effort from them trying to give the fans who cheered Elias and support the team a good send off. It's not all negative when you see your team give an honest effort. Kudos again to Elias. My favorite rival player from the Devs. All class till the end. Future HHOF. 

  5. I enjoyed the send off for Elias. It was really classy and nice. The ceremonial puck drop was great. Patty with his wife and daughters and Stephen Gionta. Elias is the last of the old school. He will be sorely missed. 

  6. 10 hours ago, Rock said:

    I wonder how the US and Canada will select players.  I don't think they will go back to the Herb Brooks route of the players selected doing a 4 month tour to whittle it down to the final 20 players.

    Probably the old route. Juniors and college hockey like the old days. I don't mind it. But I also can see why the NHLPA is so opposed. They see the Olympics as a marquee event that's played on an international stage which can attract fans from other countries including host South Korea. I knew they wouldn't approve it. The players aren't wrong. From a marketing standpoint, it makes sense. I'm a bit selfish in wanting to see what a USA team with Eichel, Matthews, Miller, Tkachuk, Werenski could do along with Gaudreau. Seth Jones, Skjei, Gibson. Same for Canada with McDavid, Drouin, MacKinnon, Marner, Rielly, etc. I guess we'l never know. 

    If this really is the end, then just go back to amateurs. 

  7. I love Patrik Elias. Always have been a huge fan of him. He's the one player I always loved and respected from the Devils. A lifer. Franchise leader in goals and assists and of course points. It's too bad he didn't play. But it's just as well. Hasan said it best. At least his final memory was a goal and two assist game. Hasan wrote a great piece on our blog. I am not linking it. But if you want not only a good write up but also a personal experience meeting Elias by chance, then go read what Hasan wrote on our site. I really enjoyed it. 

    Elias' greatest moments are dual in 2000. The 2 goals he scored in Game 7 vs Flyers to complete the Devils 3-1 comeback. And the amazing backhand saucer pass to Arnott for the Cup clincher in overtime. A great cover photo IMHO. He also lit us up in that one sided first round sweep in '06. The year the Rangers returned to the playoffs. I didn't much care. I knew they had no chance. Elias was so easy to admire for how he played the game and carried himself. A great two-way player. Very respectable. He also wore Sykora's jersey after the Devils won that Cup. 

    It didn't matter that he wore a Devils jersey. It didn't stop me from getting a Czech Republic home white Elias #62 jersey. No.62 due to Rucinsky wearing 26. I still have it. It's not always about the rivalry. You can still admire a rival player without hating them. I often wonder how Devil fans felt when Jagr played for us. Was he that easy to hate? He hurt himself going after Gomez, who became public enemy number 1 when he signed here. But Jagr was always different to me. I always was a huge fan. I own a Pens home white '98-99 replica Jagr I bought at Cosby's after a game at the old MSG. I never hated Jagr. Even when he scored that winner to end Gretzky's career. Just awe. Ironically, Jagr played for the Devs too and became beloved. Because of who he is. He has personality and character and unreal talent. He's a living legend. Jagr has played for almost the entire old Patrick Division except the Islanders. 

    I'm really glad Elias got to do it with one team. Here's hoping he gets the recognition one day from Toronto. It might take some time. Congrats to a class act. 

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  8. Switch of topic. Who should win Hart?

    McDavid (91 points) or Crosby (42-40-82 in 70 GP). 

    I would go with Connor. Marchand is the third candidate. Then Kucherov. I would even put Bobrovsky in there for his year. He should be a lock for Vezina.

    Vezina: Bobrovsky. Talbot. Holtby.

    Norris: Karlsson (due to defense actually) Burns. Hedman.

    Calder: Matthews (due to Leafs getting in). Laine. Werenski. 

    Marner/Nylander. Murray (Pens goalie). Tkachuk. Skjei. Great rookie class. 


  9. 50 minutes ago, CommonDreads said:

    "Prince Raanta"

    "He's the heir apparent to Lundqvist"

    Whats with Rangers fans and royalty references towards their goaltenders? :blink:

    It's common knowledge that Shestyerkin is a pretty good goalie prospect. The Islanders have another Russian goalie in the KHL too who will be making headlines. Ilya Sorokin. Both were in the same draft. 2014. Sorokin 3rd round 78 overall. Shestyerkin 4th round 118 overall. They were two of the best goalies in the 'K.' One (Shestyerkin) helped his team SKA to the Gagarin Cup Final. 

  10. 5 hours ago, Martyisth3b3st said:

    No idea why you were so snarky about that, but lol.

    You've always been tough on me. I don't know why the Prince Raanta thing is a big deal. It's just a joke on Twitter. Some of us refer to him as that. Personally, I am a pretty big fan of him. The way he handles himself. The way he plays. He has 2 more shutouts than the Queen. Yes. Ranger fans can have a sense of humor. My Dad calls him the Queen. So do I. He's treated like one by the fans and press. I loved following Lundqvist's career overseas. I never imagined he'd be so good. He does'n't need a Cup. He's proved enough to me taking the team from a laughingstock to a Cup contender. It's almost over for him. He's breaking down.

    I also refer to Crosby as The Princess. Well, because he is. They will never fine or suspend him. :P

  11. 21 hours ago, Antiquated Colorado Rockie said:

    Have to wonder if the Rangers keep trading away good young backup goalies that it might come up snake eyes when Lundquist is done and they really need a starter for themselves.  

    They have plenty of goalies in the system. One of the best European prospects who they stole a couple of years ago. Igor Shestyerkin. He's dominated the KHL this year and has been a starter last 2 years. One more year. Then I think they sign him. He's the heir apparent to Lundqvist. Tyler Wall had a great freshman year too at UMass-Lowell. He was a mid-round pick last year. And they also have another guy they took from Finland. So, there's no shortage of goalies in the system. 

  12. 2 hours ago, MadDog2020 said:

    Ah forgot about the NMC, obviously he has to be protected then... But I just can't see the Rags just losing Rantaa without trying to finagle an asset back somehow- I'd have to imagine that given his age, he's got a lot of value right now. I'd love for the Rags to just lose him for nothing by not protecting him, but I can't see them surrendering his rights so easily.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


    They'll trade him probably to another team. The best target is Dallas. They have the worst goalie duo in the league. They should be pretty desperate. And Raanta definitely deserves the same opportunity as Talbot to be a number 1. Hell. They rushed Lundqvist back from injury and he's allowed 10 goals in 2 games. If he struggles, I wouldn't hesitate to go to Prince Raanta versus Montreal. Not kidding. They play better in front of Raanta. I know it won't happen. AV has no balls. But if they fell behind 2-0 and Hank was bad, I would make the move. I don't want to see Raanta go. But if they can recoup draft picks, he deserves it. 

  13. Does anyone really expect the league to do anything about Crosby? He's the princess and best player. He has always pulled this stuff and always will. Especially with the stick to the groin and the hacks and whacks. He's a great player. But when he does that stuff and they don't fine or suspend him, it just makes him more universally loathed. I watched a HNIC 2nd intermission segment and that idiot Friedman tried to say the NHL doesn't protect its stars. Sure. Pathetic what lengths the Canadian broadcast will go to defend him. F Canada. They hate us anyway,

  14. On 3/22/2017 at 6:26 PM, mfitz804 said:

    By me, every Rangers fan I know goes to Devils home games because they are cheaper and easier to get to. I don't know any Devils fans who go to the Garden. 

    I have no clue who goes to those anymore. It used to be a must game to go to. Now, I hardly go at all. Partially due to my situation. My family goes to more games. If there's an extra from someone we know, i go. I have been to four games so far. And honestly, it's not about the hockey anymore. The renovation has taken the steam out of the place. You get plenty of late comers who just go to their seats during play without waiting for a whistle. It's pretty sucky. Most regulars are gone. Many will cancel due to higher prices that sit below us. I don't blame them. Then there's the whole way the Rangers play. Never any edge. No physicality. All due to the coach. My Dad and brother can't stand the way they play. I hate it too. Other games I watch have more emotion and battles. It's not winning hockey.

    3 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

    I was only at the Garden for a game once, wearing a Devils hat. A grown man threatened to throw me over the rail to the lower section. 

    I was 11 years old. In fairness, I'm pretty confident he was drunk enough that I could have kicked his ass. 

    Haha. That must've been when the rivalry was still good.

  15. On 3/22/2017 at 6:31 PM, '7' said:

    One thing that will help this rivalry is more games. Hard to hate a team when you see them once...then not again for another 3 months. 4 games a year is too few.

    And some more playoff series would really help.

    Amazing how the Rangers/Flyers rivalry has really fizzled out too. That one is totally dormant. 

    By playing less division games due to the format, it sucks. There's no longer much emphasis on rivalries. When's the last time the Rangers and Devils played a traditional home and home?

  16. On 3/22/2017 at 8:31 PM, jagknife said:

    I went to a significant number of Devils Rangers games at the Garden rocking my #30 and can say with 100% certainty I got more sh!t thrown at me for doing nothing more than wearing red than anyone I've ever known personally to wear the blue to CAA or the Rock.

    Don't get me wrong, not calling our fans saints by ANY stretch of the word, but the Garden was worse than at the home of the Devils any day in my humble opinion

    How long ago was it? Did you sit upstairs? MSG these days is pretty tame. I was surprised to see a actual fight break out between fans during the Islander game. It was better than the game.

  17. 8 hours ago, mfitz804 said:

    It's typical of Rangers fans. They didn't say boo for years because we were so much better than them, now that the tables have turned they're all out of the woodwork and it's the early 90s again. 

    It works both ways. Plenty of Devil fans would come to MSG during the lean years and act like a bunch of jerks. The rivalry hasn't been fun in years. Maybe when the Devils get more competitive, you'll have something. It was nice to see a couple of fights to add some needed juice to a dead rivalry.

  18. Severson is younger and they probably wanted to keep him over Larsson, who had a movable and workable contract. Funny enough. I envisioned a Severson for Hall deal the year before. But it turned out to be Larsson. Larsson fits into Edmonton's top 4. That shouldn't be underestimated. McDavid is a great great player. Not complete yet. But he will put up 100 points a year and win scoring titles and contend for MVP's. Of course, you need that caliber player in a rebuild. They finally got it. It took long enough. How many times did they win the lottery? The Sabres didn't do too badly with Eichel. He's quietly been on a tear since the second half and is basically a point-per-game. 

    I think it's harder to stay competitive without a top 10 pick. Say like the Red Wings. SI had this great piece on The Joe. I finished reading it yesterday. How they drafted so well and landed gold mines like Lidstrom, Fedorov, Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Their scouting was unreal and the biggest reason for the streak. It will end this year. Ironically, Datsyuk went home following another first round exit. Gordie Howe passed as did Ilitch. It's amazing how consistent they were. It takes a lot to stay that competitive for so long. In the long run, Detroit is better off hitting a lull now. They can rebuild for the future and finally land a high pick.

  19. 1 hour ago, sundstrom said:

    Nice game to be at.

    Whoever said it was empty earlier in the thread - it wasn't. This was a "Devils sellout" in that there were probably 500 empty seats scattered around but still full enough to call it a sellout. I'd say about 40% Rangers fans for this one but they weren't as vocal as they have been in the past. Sure there were LGR chants. And there was some schmuck who eventually got thrown out in section 5 who kept taking his shirt off. But that happens at every NJ-NYR game.

    That fight put energy that was sort of missing into the game. It was nice to see Quennville and Blandisi do some things during the game - they could be very good 3rd line/PP guys.

    Hall was very good but still tries too often to force the play going one on four.

    Very nice game by Cory even with the loosey changeup goal on goal 1.

    Really liked Severson's game.

    I thought Merrill was really pretty bad - a bunch of turnovers and just unsure of himself. Hopefully this isn't what he really is (like last year) and is more like he was last month when he played well with santini.

    And of course, Miles Wood. He's frustrating in that there's talent there but not sure the head will be there to go with it. But of course, I loved him tonight. He might be a perfect 4th liner on a really good team. It's funny - the Devils have a bunch of guys that can make up a really nice bottom six. The issue is they need 3 more top 6 forwards.

    I think it was listed as a sellout. 16,514 is capacity, right? I am sure there were some empties. Same as MSG these days. But you had a mostly full building for an exciting rivalry game that actually was good. Well, the second half and the OT. The first half was boring. Hardly much happening. Once the Devils scored, it got exciting. Plus a couple of scraps following the Holden hit on Wood. I understood it. Vesey and Coleman was good. It was nice to see some of that intensity back. It's been missing the past few years. The games have had no edge. You had Miller and Santini jawing post whistle. Then those scraps which livened it up. 

    Devils got some excellent play from their key guys. Schneider had one of his better games standing tall in the 3rd and OT. Great poke on Grabner and robbery on Hayes. He was definitely locked in. Blandisi and Quenneville were excellent. They took advantage of a bad Rangers PK overload for Quenneville's first. And the winner was predictable. The Rangers got stuck with the same 3 out for over a minute. When they didn't change, I knew it was coming. McDonagh missed wide and he and Grabner had nothing left. Quenneville made a patient play passing for Blandisi for the sweet finish around Raanta. 

    No complaints. Both goalies played well. Rangers held the shots edge (40-29), possession and attempts by a wide margin (68-41). I don't put much emphasis on that because they rarely win when they out-shoot opponents. They fall to 17-18-3. 

    Hall had one of his better games. His goal from Palmieri off a bad Holden turnover was a laser. 8 total shots. But I come away saying Palmieri is their best player. He makes things happen. He forced Raanta into some tough saves early. And he got off to a bad start and still has 25 goals. When they got him, I knew it was a steal. Very good player.

    I didn't care about winning. That means nothing. I just want to beat the Islanders and send their annoying fans home. They rarely beat them. It's their Cup. Should be interesting tomorrow.

  20. 11 hours ago, Steven M. said:

    So you think that with Hall, they wouldn't be making the playoffs this year? Like he's some kind of magical presence that prevents wins?

    Maroon should basically give his entire paycheck to McDavid. Put him on any other team and he never comes close to the season he's having.

    You can't win without quality D. They upgraded. You also can't win without a great goalie. Talbot is that this year. It's not how many goals you score. But how many you prevent. Talbot deserves inclusion for the Vezina.

  21. 20 hours ago, Steven M. said:

    Not sure what Hall has to do with the prospect of trading Schneider, but Hall has 47 points in 60 GP in what would be considered a down year for him among an offense that has mostly sputtered all year long. I'd say he's been about what we asked for and honestly I think he'd be looking even better if the top line was together the whole year. Him, Zajac, and Palmieri (who also started the year slowly) have been playing very well and I don't think all the line shuffling at the beginning of the season (more like the whole first half of the season) really helped him. Yet he still dominated most nights, the only reason we even started the year 9-3-3 is because he was on fire and Schneider was playing well.

    I'll also never buy that Edmonton is better off without him, the only reason this trade looks remotely passable for them is because they're going to make the playoffs and honestly it's about friggin time with all the upper echelon prospects they've acquired in the past decade of sucking. When you fall ass backwards into a Connor McDavid (who is a year more experienced as well as healthy this year) plus getting some good goaltending from Talbot (who they're riding too much) then you're probably going to make the playoffs. But like Tri has said with regards to them in some other threads... is making the playoffs enough? They're 12th in GF/G. Is their defense / Talbot really good enough to carry them? They're being absolutely carried by McDavid and Draisaitl. They give that monstrosity of a contract to Lucic. How's that going to look when it's time to pay McDavid and Draisaitl? It's really tough for me to say they 100% don't miss Hall. When they start playing tighter games in the playoffs that might not be true anymore.

    They haven't sniffed the playoffs in 11 years. I guess they're supposed to go right back to the Stanley Cup Final like last time. They have more than a couple of good players. Maroon is good. So is Lucic even though the contract they gave him is awful. You need guys like that in the playoffs. Eberle is good despite what's been a bad year. So is Nugent-Hopkins although he doesn't score as much as I thought he would. Klefbom and Nurse are good. Larsson is plus-19 and leads Edmonton in hits. Talbot isn't getting enough credit for the season they have had. He should be up for the Vezina. Without him, they'd be cooked. Even with McDavid's scoring, they wouldn't make the playoffs without Cam.

  22. 16 hours ago, Triumph said:

    Cory Schneider has the highest save percentage in NHL history.  He's #1.  He's having a down year and his age begins with a 3 so maybe he's heading for several down years or maybe not.  But almost nobody realizes what a great goalie Schneider is and that basically a Hall of Fame career has been thrown away by Vancouver and New Jersey here.

    Brodeur did not do it every year, Derek.  That's a common myth.   Brodeur was an elite goalie for 5 years of his career, maybe?  But he had plenty of average seasons.  I avoided bringing him up because I know it's just going to cloud the issue, but citing Brodeur as an example of consistency is just plain wrong.  The Devils had a great team and it didn't matter whether Brodeur was great or even average in those years.

    I didn't expect the Devils to do better than last year because they were garbage last year and fluked their way to 19th best.  They were not a good team.  They're about as good now.  The Devils won that trade pretty clearly but hey, Edmonton's in the playoffs finally and the Devils had a bad year, so it must be Edmonton that won.  

    Find the part where I said Edmonton won the trade. The winner hasn't been determined yet. Because when such deals are made, it takes more time before deciding. I think many of us including the experts jumped the gun. The Oilers knew they had McDavid and needed a top 4 defenseman who could log key minutes. Larsson might not be the guy you or I thought he was. But that doesn't mean he's bad. He was a solid minutes guy for the Devs who they depended on. Those types aren't easily replaced. Hall made sense for them because it's like you said. They have little to no offense. I think it's also fair to point out that there's no playoffs for Edmonton without Talbot. He's up to 37 wins and 7 shutouts. They don't have a backup. He plays basically every game. I think last night was number 66. He's gonna win 40. Even Lundqvist never did that. Without Cam, the Oilers don't sniff the playoffs.

  23. 3 hours ago, Devils Pride 26 said:

    I think some of you guys are missing my point. Schneider is leaving his peak years. Yes, he's had some spectacular seasons. Probably stopped us from being a top 3 pick last few years. 

    Yet we suck.

    As the team improves (god willing), Schneider will be declining and probably a weaker link. If you don't see us as a playoff team next year, you're wasting your time keeping him. He's a good goaltender that will keep us in the 8th-12th range again. 

    I think the best way to make this team a winner is to bottom out, get 2 top 3 picks (this year and next), get what you can for Schneider, continue to draft a goalie a year for development, and worst case scenario find a stop gap UFA. 

    After a down season, his value will be at an all-time low. They won't get close to fair value for him. You have to wait it out. Maybe next year, Schneider returns to form. The Devils can't be any worse. They'll get rid of some of the dead weight and play the kids more which should make them more competitive. I don't think he's as bad as he's shown this year. Your best bet is to ride it out. Either he carries them in even though it's unrealistic given the division and East. Or has a bounce back year which increases his value making him a more attractive option if teams are interested. It depends on management. I have no clue what the plan is.

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