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  1. Who cares. If he were truly elite as you claim, he'd be more consistent despite the awful defense. All you do is make excuses for him. Elite is what Bobrovsky is doing. He should win the Vezina again. Even with the improvement on D, he stands on his head nightly. Elite is Lundqvist carrying the Rangers during 2012 when he won the Vezina on a flawed team that was the top seed, won a Game 6 and two Game 7's before finally cracking against the Devils. It's Kiprusoff during a couple of Calgary years doing the same for the Flames even getting them within an inch of a Stanley Cup. It's Brodeur doing it every year for the Devils even with the talent they had. Winning 40 games or better. Smashing records and winning 3 Cups and 4 Vezinas. I feel like the definition of elite has dropped off. Elite to me are great goalies. The level of Hasek, Brodeur and Roy. Price is at that level even though he's been inconsistent this year. He can steal games or a series. Bobrovsky might be capable of it. Rask also could be. Lundqvist has won series when his team's back was against the wall. Roy always did. Marty did it against the Flyers in '00 and against the Senators in Game 7 of '03. Is Schneider even as good as Dubnyk? He's finally showing signs of slowing down with the Wild in free fall. If you took Dubnyk off that team, they would stink. What about Talbot's performance for Edmonton? They're not exactly a lock down defensive team even with the upgrades. Talbot rarely gets a night off. I want to make one thing clear. I don't want to diminish what Schneider did last year. He was at the best level of his career and gave the Devils a chance to make the playoffs. I expected him to take the next step. Maybe it was poor thinking. I didn't consider how much they would miss Larsson or how bad their moves were. I had them just missing the wildcard. Yet you claim the Devils won that trade cleanly. I thought so too. Many did. But they haven't. Hall should be a 30-goal 70-point guy. Edmonton is doing fine. They don't miss him.
  2. Not when you're out of it. Santini should play every night. Scratch Lovejoy or Moore. Every coach does this. They stick with vets and bench kids for no reason.
  3. Why would they scratch Santini? They're out of it and he's got promise.
  4. Exactly the point I was going to make. Buffalo is a huge ratings market for hockey. They always tune in. And they have passionate fans who will make the trip next year. I wish more people paid attention to that fact. It doesn't always have to be local. The Stadium Series has been pretty successful at giving other markets chances at the outdoor game.
  5. So, you think they would actually have McDavid and the Oilers play the Rangers in the game? Or is this just a suggestion for an Oilers/Flames game which NBC would not draw on? I think you had Calgary and Winnipeg in an outdoor game this winter. Eichel is not just good. He's been ripping it up. Since the All-Star break, he has 28 points (9-19-28) and is 48 points in 49 games. It just seems there is a lot of bitterness over these games which are overrated to begin with. I don't care one iota about it.
  6. Brad Marchand 19-12-31 since 1/24. He should be up for the Hart.
  7. They already had the Caps and Blackhawks or was that someone else. The Hawks participate in more outdoor games than anyone. Rangers played the Flyers in 2012 at Citizens Bank Park and the whole Stadium Series at Yankee Stadium. I love having the Sabres in it with Eichel. Don't forget there are other outdoor games. Hopefully, they will expand.
  8. Elaborate why you think Andy Greene is a top pair guy. Hell. McDonagh isn't an anchor either. He's overrated. But at least he can play the minutes and produce.
  9. The piece where Wysh just speculates. Eh. The Devils are a very bad team. You have to look at personnel. They have a captain that is being used as an anchor when on a good team, he's a 2nd pair defenseman. Plus a lot of unfinished products on the back end. Once those players develop and mature, then they'll become better. One more good D prospect in the system. Part of the issue is failed players from the Lou Era. That includes signings and draft picks. I feel for Hynes because he wasn't handed a good roster. But I also didn't think they would be this bad. I thought they would be in the mix for the last wildcard but miss out. I changed my mind due to the defense. I also didn't anticipate Schneider being inconsistent. A direct result of the team not being as good. I think Hynes will get one more year due to the rebuilding process. They'll wind up with a pretty good pick. But ultimately, he isn't the coach who will bring them back. But who is?
  10. It sure seems that way. I don't get it. Besides, I know the Rangers are "paper tigers." Just look at their style and who coaches them. Columbus mixes it up and has a better defense. But the Metro 2/3 is a match-up nightmare for anyone. I don't think the Pens want to see the Jackets either. They'd much rather play us.
  11. Who cares. I think him winning 30 or more in 11 of 12 seasons is a great accomplishment. Even if shootout induced, it shows how consistent he's been throughout his career. Lundqvist was a 7th round pick. It makes it pretty special. You don't have to like him. But he's one of the classiest athletes I've ever seen. As for the record books, he'll wind up in the top 5 all-time in wins and is a Hall of Famer. He's been a bit unlucky. They've never had a superstar who could carry them because they didn't tank like Chicago or Pittsburgh. And because the organization hasn't always made the right decisions. Due to not addressing the lack of grit, they're probably one and done again. Though Tanner Glass scoring made me smile.
  12. I thought the Pens would at least push that series 6. But I never thought they'd win. That Devils team was too complete. They had a great offense, a much better defense with the checking line of Madden, Pandolfo and Stevenson. Plus Brodeur. Pittsburgh couldn't deal with their tenaciousness. If you have the right combo and can turn mistakes into goals, you usually will win in these series. Having that added grit helps. Madden drove Mario nuts. He called him "Ace" and Lemieux dropped the puck to him thinking it was a teammate. He lost his mind at the end taking a penalty. I still say the '00-01 Devils were the most talented roster they ever had. They should've repeated. But got by on talent for a majority of the season. They should've beaten the Avs without Forsberg. That was a weird series. Neither Brodeur or Roy were great. Marty had that awful Game 6 allowing the Foote goal which deflated them. What did it end up? 4-0? It surprised me that Marty got outplayed by Roy. But it wasn't like Roy was great. But he did the job. Similar to how Brodeur outplayed Lundqvist in 2012. But they won in large part due to unforeseen contributions from the fourth line of Carter, Gionta and Bernier. That line killed us. In Game 5, I knew they were gonna come back from the 3-0 deficit. Even predicted it to my Dad. They tied it and then Carter scores the winner. That killed me. Those are the random things you can't predict about the playoffs. Like Salvador having that big postseason and getting that contract. A lot of you hated Salvador. But without him, the Devils don't make that run with a 40-year old Marty. I don't think you trade that even if they didn't get the end result. I have friends that still complain over the Bernier boarding major. They still would've been up against it to win Game 6 and bring the series back home. LA was pretty tough. Quick was out of his head. When the Rangers played them a couple of years later, it was mostly the awful third periods that doomed them at Staples Center. Plus a couple of controversial non-calls for goaltender interference involving Dwight King. Some of our fans are still sore over that. Maybe if they didn't sit back so much, they would've won the game they needed and who knows. Fact is they blew leads in each and lost in overtime. I was with coworkers for Game 5 at the bar for the crazy double overtime loss. Blown power play chances. Kreider's breakaway which I thought he had until Quick robbed him. And then Alec Martinez. :\ He also beat the Blackhawks. He's a good defenseman now too. When he scored, they turned it off. So, I didn't see the handshake or Kings celebration. It was odd. I still would've liked to seen the handshake. That's the playoffs in a nutshell. Forgot to mention. I enjoyed your story CR about meeting Keenan. At least he was nice. Once, I saw Darryl Sutter before a Sharks/Devils game when I was working production truck for the Devs. I said "hi," and he just gave me this evil stare. Unpleasant. Haha. From that point on, he's known as Scrooge. Other players or coaches I met were nicer.
  13. Just because you out-possess a opponent and outshoot them doesn't guarantee success. The Rangers have a losing record when they have more shots and are something like 26-6 when being out-shot. Corsi is a good measure of possession. It summarizes what we see during shifts. I don't need charts to tell me whether my team is struggling. I can tell it from paying attention. Sometimes, your goalie can steal a game. Bobrovsky is one of the best at it. Lundqvist did it last night and Raanta on Monday. If you have a goalie who can make the big stops and steal two points, then you're ahead of the game. To your comment that the Blue Jackets are a "paper tiger." Are you kidding? What is this based on? One or two games. I will say this about that team. They are tough to play against. They have physical guys like Dubinsky and Jenner who are pests. Gritty ones like Calvert and Hartnell. And skilled types like Atkinson, who might be the most underrated star in the game. He is up to 30 goals and is money on breakaways. Not to mention guys like Wennberg, Saad, Foligno and Anderson. The blue line has been totally rebuilt thanks to the trade of Johansen for Jones. Werenski is a stud. Jack Johnson doesn't have to be the guy anymore. Savard is highly underrated. They've improved. They play a gritty game which can work in the playoffs. Plus have a nice mix of skill types with speed. They're well coached. The only question is the lack of experience. They are my sleeper to make a run if they can get through a potential first round with the Pens. Big if. It's not favorable. But Dubinsky relishes facing Crosby and has done well against them this year. Bobrovsky can steal games. He's that good. If it doesn't happen this year for Columbus, it could in the next couple of years.
  14. It's lower than dirt. I don't know how people can look at themselves in the mirror every day. Worse than children.
  15. Some idiots will say anything. You're one of the most popular and respected people on here RD. I <3 you.
  16. Take away the 3-point game and that is no longer an issue. They won't. They love parity.
  17. That's all they could talk about on NHL Network. All cause this deadline was a dud. I don't care about the Golden Knights. What's so golden about a knight anyway? And what is that logo supposed to be?
  18. LMAO they took Filppula's contract and got a 4th and conditional 7th. Yzerman is a genius. Best current GM. Freed up all tons of space for his big RFA's Johnson, Drouin, Palat. He unloaded Bishop and got a D prospect. And got a 2nd round pick for Boyle. I'm amazed how good he is at making deals.
  19. He did the same thing last year. Forsberg is a big second half player. He had like no goals in mid-December. He's amazing.
  20. I saw Lundqvist go through this last year. And also this year. If your D is below average and you are not good at puck possession, the goalie's play will suffer. Until the Devils put out a better roster, Schneider is being wasted.
  21. There's no such thing as a steal for a rental unless you win the Cup. It's a desperate move by a team that's all in. Shattenkirk has half his points on the power play. Panic move due to the Pens being in. Glad we didn't bite. Hopefully, it works out for the Caps or they are gonna look like fools.
  22. The only reason for the early start was due to NBC and the damn NHL shilling for the Pens some more against the awful Flyers at Heinz Field.
  23. I never understood the Lovejoy move to be honest. But they were cheap and have cap room to upgrade the back end. I thought Schneider was excellent. He stood on his head the entire 2nd. That was as lopsided a period as I've seen. Maybe you're being hard on him. You want to kill him for the winner. Zibanejad pulled off a good fake and got him five-hole. It's 3 on 3. That's not hockey. A lot of goalies can be made to look bad in such chaos. He gave up 4 goals. And was screened out by his own players on Clendening's tying marker. The other 2. One went off a Devil, Kreider and the post. And Lindberg was left alone. Schneider needs more help from his D. Palmieri absolutely blew that hat trick. He had room on the second chance but missed. Devils deserved to win.
  24. Lundqvist is 10-2-1 with a sub-2.00 GAA and .939 save percentage over his last 14. He's been carrying them for a while. Stepan has been sh&#33;t since 1/17 and Zibanejad finally did something. They have been doing it mostly with Hayes/Miller/Grabner. They had an off game. And the 4th line has been good lately along with Skjei. But you are correct on the D. They are shaky. So, I have to think a move will be made. Look how bad they were at the start of the third. That was hideous. They are able to score timely goals. But in the playoffs, it gets much harder to score in transition. Hence why I still doubt the AV system.
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