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  1. The suckers lose themselves in the games they love to play, children love to sing but then their voices slowly fade away

  2. yo Crasher! Good luck to your Boys today!

  3. I hope everything is okay.

  4. not real sure what she means you are always cool in my book!

  5. hey you,

    just wanted to drop in and say hi. Looking forward to the new season? Like ur Nucks this year.

    hope all is well!

  6. I just got a weird message when I tried to log off.

    [#2012] The link you followed to logout appears to be badly formed. Please go back and click the link again.

    Hope no one else has this issue. Oh and nice job with the site!

  7. keep up the good work.

  8. don't post anymore but wanted to give props on the screen name.


  9. hey, long time no chat.

    Happy B-day!


  10. lmao at that avatar.

    "Why not be part of the greatest tradition in not just sports but in life itself? President Obama said "Yes We Can." And yes! You can experience the difference of Yankee baseball up close with luxury style service and cushioned seats. And now for just 1,225 bucks, it can be yours! Between The Bases at Yankee Stadium! The Inaugural Season!

  11. you still are here. ah. always will forever be one of my faves. :)

    Saw ur blog last nite and felt for ya. Hope RD's taking Chitown by storm!

  12. it's been too long. You were right about everything and I just never knew till now.

  13. Just so you know, I got no ego.

  14. Yeah, you're a crazyyy dirty pirate hoooker!!!! Woo!

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